Monday, July 30, 2007

Do I need to "Pimp my Ride"?

Let me first say: I actively dislike pushing a stroller. It makes me feel lame and mumsy. AND here in the real OC, there is a big sense of haves/have nots. I can't go anywhere without putting on make up and a flashy outfit or I will be mistaken for the nanny (I wish I was kidding).
BUT! I was at "The Spectrum"( a gaudy vegas-y mall... that's a good thing, 'cause I love to shop) with my friend Ladybug ( who, bless her MADE me try on a dress, which was a size 6, which fit, which was expensive but I bought it anyway cause... Size 6!! What a pick me up. Of course sizing is so screwy, but it's Anthropologie which is cute girl clothes... anyway... I digress) I was pushing my none too cheap little tangerine colored Chicco (the dress matches it, Honestly it's so Sophia Loren!.. the dress not the stroller, can you even picture Sophia Loren pushing a stroller? On her... yep it would be sexy) walking, chatting, and noticing that everyone I passed, who was wielding a baby buggy, did a sidelong glance, rolled their eyes and moved on. I SWEAR! So it's not a $700 Bugaboo or an over the top Peg Perego... Damn it it's a nice mid sized family.... oh god... it's the Chevrolet of strollers and I'm living in Hummer land...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Curse you JK Rowling!

Don't worry that's all I'm going to say. Except.... Good Book!
In random news, Lilo, T and I just got back from two EXHAUSTING weeks of vacation. We can't figure out why we don't feel at all rested. Poor T has an ear infection he caught while swimming, Lilo is traveled out and grouchy and I am GRIMLY determined to lose these last 15 pounds by the 9 month mark. My pediatrician had her baby 8 weeks ago, and she looks like nothing ever happened. Slim, blond and chipper... GRRRR! I will lose the GD weight. Laci Le Poo here I come!
The apartment buying moves on at a *s n a i l s* pace. I HATE waiting, I have the patience of a five year old. I'm dreaming about all the food I will keep in my kitchen... oh damn, the weight, the weight! I'm dreaming about the new playstation I'm going to get with Dance Dance Revolution on it. And a flat screen TV (smallish) and a bedspread with a giant girly peony on it. HA! I keep going back to the kitchen tho', Caephelon cookware, an immersion blender, and my Hello Kitty toaster oven out of storage. Bliss...
I need ideas. It's a studio. Where the heck do I put the baby. I need to figure out how to create a room... Curtains on a line to make his own space? HELP, I need your creative minds!