Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was a Korean Taco.

I am not shy about my body. I was even less shy when I was, ahem, "Smokin'" but even now with the sags and the bags, I like wandering around in the all together.
Which leads me to the happy nakedy joy that is a Korean Spa.
I was craving some cheap beauty treats and I got what I wanted and more. For $45 a small and powerful woman clad in black bra and panties scrubbed me cleaner than Martha Stewart's fridge.
And none of that idiotic fancy-pants sheet over your private bits, that only serves to make me feel like a dork trying to turn over while getting a massage and trying not to flash and offend the masseur, it was all naked all the time. I don't think the neonatal nurses scrub a baby as well as these ladies will scrub the dead skin off-a you.
It's strictly no robe in the wet room. There is a super hot spa, a steam room, a salt bath, a freezing cold pool, and little shower stalls all over. What I love is looking at the myriad of different kinds of bodies, even though I know I'm not supposed to stare, I do peek a little. It makes me feel good about my body, for which I have ISSUES (right, I'm a girl?!) 'Cause most people's bods are lumpy and bumpy and odd and still pretty darn cute.
And one of the most amusing things: My scrub lady took a break in the nude and then put on her regulation bra and panties to get back to work.
I'm always cold, and the delicious HEAT from a hot salted spa is divine.
Just what I needed to survive Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 01, 2010

We laughed so much at lunch today. We gorged on meat at a Brazilian Churrascaria, and chatted and rehashed and laughed. He is it for me. I love him so much. He makes me shout with laughter.
and for gifts:
a bike for ADVENTURE, of which we don't lack. For every episode of puffing, climbing, cursing up a hill there is the sweet WHEEEE of the flight downhill.
Kisses on a silver chain for sweet, sweet, sexy, delicious kisses.
Love in a locket. where I will hold my boys tight.
Crazy kittens and spiders on a chain, essentially me.
Japanese dishware, in the Queen Mary's colors, make me think, "we soon will be able to put this on a shelf in our house and bring out the Super Chief dishware," delightful domesticity.
Sweet, weird sexual vase? Sake cup? Weird and wonderful
A light to light up our nights. A trip to Tokyo?
and I love you too, sweet man.