Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step up the steering wheel, CA!

Tami Turner is a long lost, now found, dear friend from my conservatory days. She is a great actress and a cool human being. She is in a wheelchair due to an accident suffered, I believe, as a gymnast when she was very, very young. (The pictures of her recovery in the hospital are heartbreaking and inspiring to see) She needs a van to get around, but now she has lost her only form of transportation and has been frustrated every step of the way by the CA dept of Rehabilitation
In her words:
"a month after stating that I'm not allowed to drive due to being an unsafe driver, and not being able to hold up their decision with any facts, they discovered a sling I put in the van to rest my arm when it fatigued when driving long distances. I used it once, when i drove to LA for a required wheelchair evaluation, that could only be done in LA through DOR. Under DOR regulations, I'm not suppose to modify the van. I modified the van and used the sling once in 2007, so I actually did something wrong. The engineer has not discussed it w/me to know i used it once. Basically I'm doomed! I have to wait for a new wheelchair,a new driving evaluation & new steering. Probably another 6 months or so. I made 1 mistake, once, 3 yrs ago."
It seems draconian to take away her transportation for 6 months. Why not give her a test NOW and have her prove herself? Her record should stand for itself, right?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teach. Learn.

Today a mom of a kid with pretty severe learning disabilities made me cry. She came up to me before the demo and told me how much my encouragement meant to her son. She grabbed my arm to emphasize her words. "He Feels Valued, Loved" ... He did a monologue last week, was word perfect, and FUNNY (my ultimate goal) I have to say, the kid stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park on his own, all I did was facilitate. But Damn. I'm proud.
Good week. A. My big project (The C project) is finally coming into fruition. In fact it is SO fruitful, that I have to decide whether the Inc or LLC.
I am directing a play at Go-Fame and the ghost of George guides me, and directing kids has never been so much fun.
My acting career is on the tracks again..
My sis sent me a link about "Luck" and "Lucky People"... hell, I have always been one lucky girl, a luck magnet, and I seem to have found that luck once again...
Go 2010! I am here and available!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Small (minded) Town

Lilo and I went to a party today. Our hosts were the writer Joan Claire Graham and Tom Butsch, designer. Joan and Tom also hosted us in Albert Lea MN. But the story I'm going to tell is of another guest, Susanne Crane.
Susie is an accomplished artist, and for the past 5 years she has tried to restore the historic Bessesen Building Opera house, in down town Albert Lea. Beatrice Bessesen was an Albert Lea native and her husband built the opera house for his wife in 1916. She was an internationally famous opera singer, sang for the royal German Opera Co. in Berlin and performed at Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera, There are several buildings in downtown Albert Lea that somehow involve her or the name of Bessesen.
Susie took us through the building when we were there. It was in a sad state of disrepair, crumbling, like a lot of historic buildings. She is passionate about fixing it up, but she has been stopped at every stage of the restoration by small minded people who regret selling her the building. I would never presume to tell someone else's story, but these people have slandered Susie in the local paper, revoked her charity money and tried to foreclose on her. I read a hate filled and slanderous letter calling her a psycho, and worse, and belittling her skills as an artist. Unsigned. Cowards!!!!! And this is just ONE letter posted on the door of the building.
Poor Susie is the victim of a hate campaign, and has nearly been driven out of town. I hope SOMEONE with some power reads this on google and steps up to help her. The building should be covered by Preservation Magazine, Historic societies in MN should help her hold on to a piece of history. And her critics should man up and sign their names. The anonymity of their attacks is beyond contempt.
If you read this and you can help leave a comment and I will put you in touch with Susie.
Story about Susie

Friday, March 05, 2010


Usually teaching acting to young-uns is an endeavor where you try very hard not to smack your forehead with your hand as you stare at your student in disbelief. However there are those kids; talented, funny, smart and driven, that make you look forward to going to class. I have a private student that is a rare bird. Not only is she a darn good actor, but she is a joy to be around. She invited me this evening to see her in her Middle School play, and damn it, the kid is GOOD. She was in character, playing beat to beat, enjoying herself, and reading the audience like an old pro. What a great kid! Makes me proud to be her coach.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Proustian Pizza.

Ah! So, I am very young, maybe 16. I have been invited to the home of a producer for my first original musical, "Surferboy." I know that when one has been invited out to someones home, one must bring something to the hostess. So I break out a box of Ritz crackers, some Cheeze-Whiz, and god know what-all assorted garnii from our pantry. My Apertif' are hooty at best.
I drive some where glamourous: Los Gatos, and present myself to my host, as well as to my beloved director, George Costa. George takes one look at my crumbling and gummy offering and pulls me aside. "Kid," He says, " Food needs to look good, as much as it needs to taste good." Then he pulled me into a half arm hug.
I thought of that today as I pulled a hideous pizza monster from my oven. I tussled valiently with the pizza stone and lost. Thus I made Calzone/Chone. So ugly, but so yummy, and so lovely to remember George.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Blah blah.

Lionel is marred but lovely, like a Greek statue that was dinged on purpose so as not to anger the gods. He has an angry little line on his forehead that will likely fade BEFORE he needs Botox. 8 hours in a less than fun ER on Valentines Day really put a damper on events. My T was so strong and comforting to Lionel. Through the Papoose Board, Daddy behaved with fortitude and grace, even though he confessed to wanting to throw up.
I had a delightful little job this month, wherein I never left the house but auditioned, did the call back and shot, all on Skype using my own camera. It's a Charter commercial in which I apparently feature prominently, so if you see it LMK.
And T is in the final stages of talking to the publisher. He is due to publish his first piece this year and I am sooooo happy! He deserves it and I deserve a vacation.
I am working like a Phonecian. Kids. Why MUST they be so difficult? And so lucrative?
Trader Joes better look to it's Laurels, Fresh and Easy is cheap, delicious, and infiltrating Long Beach. Good product, easy check out and sparky stores. I am a huge fan.
What I am NOT a huge fan of is my bloody fat gut. Blech. I guess it's karma.