Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Step up the steering wheel, CA!

Tami Turner is a long lost, now found, dear friend from my conservatory days. She is a great actress and a cool human being. She is in a wheelchair due to an accident suffered, I believe, as a gymnast when she was very, very young. (The pictures of her recovery in the hospital are heartbreaking and inspiring to see) She needs a van to get around, but now she has lost her only form of transportation and has been frustrated every step of the way by the CA dept of Rehabilitation
In her words:
"a month after stating that I'm not allowed to drive due to being an unsafe driver, and not being able to hold up their decision with any facts, they discovered a sling I put in the van to rest my arm when it fatigued when driving long distances. I used it once, when i drove to LA for a required wheelchair evaluation, that could only be done in LA through DOR. Under DOR regulations, I'm not suppose to modify the van. I modified the van and used the sling once in 2007, so I actually did something wrong. The engineer has not discussed it w/me to know i used it once. Basically I'm doomed! I have to wait for a new wheelchair,a new driving evaluation & new steering. Probably another 6 months or so. I made 1 mistake, once, 3 yrs ago."
It seems draconian to take away her transportation for 6 months. Why not give her a test NOW and have her prove herself? Her record should stand for itself, right?

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