Monday, December 31, 2007

I love Long Beach. I just discovered a few weeks ago, when it rained really hard that we have a mountain view. Very pretty when covered with snow. I love stepping out the apartment lobby and I have within a few blocks, many things to keep me happy. A grocery store, cafe's, a good ol' coffee shop, a bike repair, dry cleaners, a tapas joint, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, Sushi (gawd I do love to eat!) a giant bookstore, the beach, a skating path, parks, the library and the Queen Mary. There is also a Walmart, but nothing is perfect. A hospital, a hardware store, the Museum of Latin American Art and public art in every nook and cranny also contribute to my joy at never having to get in the car.
Now if I could only find parking!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Merry Messy KweezNüs

"Is that Santa? Or an OC news copter?"

My lovely parents had a whirlwind of a visit for Lilo's 1st, and some early Xmas cheer. I put them both to work on Saturday helping me fix up the apartment. Bless 'em they must be pooped.
Lilo was the soul of charm on his natal day, not a tear or a fuss and no cake smashing either. And being stared at by a huge company of adults? A treat for my over-gregarious boy. Oy. Where does he get the energy?
Here's to you all my dears, may the next year be one that treats you well and soothes your soul. I'd love to send cards to you all, drop me a line with addy's and things.
And..... you-know-who: you are still my Cherry Pie.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best Xmas song EVER!

Dancin' in the Rain

I'm dancing in my little studio trying not to wake the baby or the neighbors, but DAMN I do love me some Rock and Roll in the rain. I don't have a TV and usually I don't miss it, but VH1 is doing the 7 ages of rock... I'm sure I've heard it all before but I wanted to hear the guy from Iron Maiden discuss "rising 6th's".
It's been a crazy busy time, for all of us I'm sure, but I do miss family and friends at this time of the year... Mostly to have someone to drink cheap red wine with and B and Moan about life and the universe.
I'm lonely, but I do love my little room... I hope I don't turn into some weird hermit woman who sends Lilo out for provisions....
But then.... aren't my boys sweet?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hallelujah It's raining Dogs

Lilo loves dogs. Loves loves loves them. His favorite book is about dogs. Dogs are his passion.
So I took him to the Eukanuba Dog Show at the Long Beach Convention center.
It was very nice, lots of dogs let Lilo pet, pull and harass them. But It really was just like Chris Guest's, "Best in Show". Lots of slobber rags and LOTS of.... um... overdressed dogs. And people.

My personal favorites were the French Bulldogs.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ah, it's the little little little things...

Completely busted the shower today. Had to take a bath and wash hair with Lilo's yogurt tubs.... By the time I got a snuffly and runny nosed L dressed and ready, the hardware store was closed. So no new shower head and stem till tomorrow.
I've been surviving on packaged Weight Watchers cuisine for weeks now, since I HATE to cook for myself alone.
And I own a clorox mop... and swiffer pads. Like mac and pc NOT compatible. oy.
Thank heavens for grandpa Robin, who came over and was full of good cheer. We had lunch at the Americana cafe just across the street. V. Sweet. I had a Turkey club, which only whetted my appetite for t. turkey.
T is in previews for " The Jacob Marley show" and I'm prepping to teach at SCR's Neighborhood conservatory.
Sounds more impressive than I feel, really.
love and oy.
(PS I have spent more money at Target in the last month than I make in a month... oy oy oy, but hey, the Mizrahi stuff is soooooo coooll!

Friday, November 23, 2007

No Time for Turkey

No leftover turkey this year, we went to a friends house and have NO leftover's in the fridge. I miss the delicious carcass. and the leftover greasy 900000 calorie stuffing. Am tempted to cook a gobbler tomorrow JUST for the leftovers! MMMMM... sandwich... sourdough... mayo ..LO potatoes... LO cranberry... LO stuffing.... skin skin skin!!!! JD's food was so delicious.. we should've absconded with the contents of his fridge!
There was a guy frying a turkey on Wednesday down at the Vons... Oh how I longed for a crunchy nibble. I do love the turkey meat. GO L--Triptophane!

I had a major Abbot and Costello moment today. I took the nasty ol' shower doors off the tub and tried to take 'em down the elevator quietly to deposit 'em in the recycling. However the dang things are heavy and as soon as I got one loaded up into the elevator, it would go, leaving me to load the other door into the other elevator. Which left me pushing buttons in the lobby trying to get the elevator with my door in it to come back down to me, which it stubbornly refused to do. I finally had to ride to the 6th floor and contrive to push both buttons at once so that I could deposit my doors in the bin .. ah the joys of apartment living.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Notes from the Atlantic

For Halloween T, L and I were the Addams Family (sans Wednesday, cause Rita just wouldn't put on the dress. )I look like I've got a Britney Spears weave. We wandered about the 'hood and met some LOVELY people who gave us Trick or Treat wine.
Then we went to Paul Darrow's and T gave him homemade Punkin' soup. SO GOOD!

We went and played with bunnies on my b-day.
Birthdays after 21 should be outlawed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Apocalypse Now reducks

Smoke, smoke, smoke.
Yuk.The smoke is so thick and disgusting. We are lucky, nothing has happened here, but, poor San Diego.
T L and I tromped into Hollywood today for auditions (GE for me and Ford for T) Lilo was a champ. He sat in his car seat and told incomprehensible baby jokes the whole time. He was so sweet, even in 99* heat. We had to take Rita, Lala's neurotic Chihuahua with us, so she wouldn't burn up, in case of a conflagration devouring Laguna. So we were at 200 La Brea, a top casting house, with our baby, the dog and two extremely scruffy actors, and little L proceeded to charm the entire house. We get top tier treatment cause everyone is so in awe of the baby. He must be AI from the Blade Runner factory, programed for charm and cuteness. At Trader Joe's I was flustered since they kicked me out, cause no dogs in the market, and a very nice (huge) Man collecting cash for his church watched Rita for me while I bought the baby yogurt. So funny to see this large African American man holding a hot pink leash with an eensy weensy chihua on the end. But he said he felt me and my BEEYOOTIFUL baby deserved the help. Lilo was wearing a Rockies outfit, so that could've been part of the charm.
Well, I've decided today I hate SoCal. Too hot too crowded too fiery too full too smokey too expensive to boot. T and L and I are moving to Minnesota.
Hey, Robert Goulet needs new lungs, let's sacrifice one candidate from each side of the electorate to save him. I nominate Rudy Guiliani, he's a blowhard, his lungs must be huge, and who's Chris Dodd anyway? One lung from each party to unite Ameriker.

Monday, October 22, 2007

She ran callin' Wildfire...

It's another apocalyptic day here in the land of dreams. We were in Long Beach yesterday doing some move in things, having stopped at Verde Green for some gifts and some chat, we were returning to Laguna, T and I having taken 2 cars, and I was speeding along the 405 when I saw a conflagration in the hills over Irvine. It was absolutely terrifying. I'm worried about our friend JD who lives about a mile away from the "flashpoint" and who was blithely watching a baseball game when I called. I couldn't tempt him to come and stay with us in our LB safehouse. The fires are out of control, the smoke and the heat are unbearable. It's like something out of a Mad Max movie. (tho' hopefully w/o Mel Gibson)

T and I spent the late evening packing our cars with things to evacuate. They are crammed to the gills with art, documents, baby things and my scant jewelry. The doggy is a wreck, the baby knows something is going on. I am rather scared and creeped out by the fire smell. We didn't sleep at all trying to keep abreast of the news. Luckily we have the new apartment to use as an escape.

This morning Laguna was eerily brown and hazy, the sun never really rose, except as a heat lamp. We watched the TV and kept dreading the news that some loathsome idiot had started a pleasure fire in the canyon.

Such a strange day, we've been glued to the TV, but Lilo keeps changing the channels on the remote, so dire news is interrupted by a rerun of Star Trek (bad episode, the one with Lurch... erg!) We are cheerful with him and breezy, but he is very clingy cause he knows T and I are stressed out.

Is the earth trying to tell us to get the heck off her back? All I know is, it's hot, dry, everyone on Temple Hills is cramming their cars with their Sophie's choice goods, and I don't know what to do to make it better.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bits of bits

So... looks like we are FINALLY closing on our adorable East Village apartment. Keep your fingers crossed! I got to spend some time there with the fam and I grew to love the area even more. Step out the door, get the paper, buy Converses and coffee, groceries, kool klothes. I think I love Long Beach. Esp. the Lisa Jacobs art and acres of books. BTW anyone who wants to get me dishes for my new digs... I love the Cunard pattern. You can get it on the Queen Mary

Random bits:

I am the "oh" girl. As in, some chick comes up to T squealing her love for him, sees me and says "oh..." He's a rock star and I am Linda McCartney.

I have just given over $40,000 to an escrow co. for a place to live... and my beloved Mini, Alfie needs a tune up and new brake pads to the tune of $700.

I LOOOOVVVEE my new agent Gail Marx. Check me out. I WILL get a commercial on the superbowl, yes I will!

Lilo giggles like a loon. Everything strikes him as amusing.

I am currently trying to decide on my latest tattoo.

Being a muse is exhausting. Sharon Stone got stuff from Tiffanys. I think this is just the correct compensation. Musing is HARD!

I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in at least a year.

I love everyone at SCR

I also love baubles. See muse comment above.

I'm fat, old and grumpy all the time.

Halloween is my Xmas.

I miss D-Doll, WGD, VS, Yatsu, maybe I should have a "party" so they have to come to visit.

Sometimes, musicals are very dopey. As much as I love them.

I need a nanny

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Many Happy Returns... you little Devil

Happy birthday to a bold actress, and captivating comedienne, and a dear friend.
I didn't really get to KNOW DD until after school. I was always vaguely intimidated by her wit. But I am so glad I got to spend time with her. I have very sweet memories of when she brought the newborn TJ to my house on the westside 'cause her flat was a'roastin' I was awestruck at how ADEPT she was with that baby, even more now that I have one of my own. DDoll is the IT.
I'm glad you're still performing, the world deserves to see you.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Falling, yes I am falling...

Golly. Fall. Alternately depressing and exhilarating.
I loathed school, but fall was the time that San Jose Children's Musical Theatre always started a new show.
The best times of my teenage-hood, romping on stage with Broni and Johnny G and BethSheba and Paul. I wonder how many of my Kiddie Kohorts are still in the game? I loved performing with that troupe. I loved George Costas, who taught me about being a performer, that it wasn't about romping in the green room, it was about the truth on stage. I couldn't tell the truth in my real life, but I think I was as honest as possible at the Montgomery Theatre. Sigh....

In other news: have you seen the ads for
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford?
Well, T was with a group of performers who created a play called: The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Jesse James: A New Tale of the Old West.
The SAME story and that was in the 70's...
It would be great if the Brad Pitt movie revives some interest in the play. It should be published. I mean publish or perish, right? But with ten collaborators I guess they can't agree, which is really a pity, 'cause I think that by sitting on the property for nigh on 20 years, they have lost a good deal of revenue. (all opinions in this blog are solely the authors, and might piss off the authors boyfriend, but REALLY!!!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rock Lobster!

We DeLighTs (D.L.T. get it?) went to Lobster fest yesterday in San Pedro. No I did not give any to Lilo, and yes, it was superb!
We ate 2 HUGE crustaceans, cole slaw and wattymelon. We drove 45 min each way just to chow down. This is why I love that man. He appreciates cheap Maine lobster
This is a picture of us in the restored Red Car.

M' boys.... they rule!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum...

Hey! So T got cast in Christmas Carol at SCR!!!!! Isn't that great? T was in the first mounting of Carol way back in 19--. He played Topper, now he's playing Marley. He is going to be awesome. I'm not supposed to blog about him, he's gonna kill me. But to heck with it, I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!

Yes, yes, I am disappointed I didn't get cast, I am only human after all, but mostly because a lot of the people I absolutely adore are going to get to hang out with each other during the most annoying season of the year. If you perform for a living you know what I mean.

Not much progress on the Co-op yet. OY...

Can I be selfish and say I deserve a little fun and frolic? It seems like my little Mary Sunshine done gone behind a cloud.
I guess I just need to put on my Big Girl panties and figure out what would make me happy.

It would help if I could just lose these last 10 pounds but they just love me and want to hang around. I HATE being out of shape. I don't want to be skinny, just not flubbery.

I must go put on offering on our altar to Zero Mostel... Maybe he can help

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mortgage Crisis Suckage

Well hello bad timing. The mortgage industry goes haywire and yes we are plumb in the middle of it. I've been in escrow for three LOOOONNGG months... My financial guy assures me all will be OK. I have an ulcer the size of the Grand Canyon. Lots of people have lots of advice... all I can say is... get a paddle and help. Otherwise, the band is playing in the salon, go dance while the ship sinks.

Slightly grumpy doesn't BEGIN to cover how I feel. bleah!

In slightly happier news T and L and I and the delightful John David Keller went up in the Orange Balloon at the soon-to-be Great Park, Irvine.
Great view of the overpopulated Orange County. Then we went to Denny's and gossiped, gossiped, gossiped. I love JD, he's a doll.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tofu Fest!

So, this afternoon I had a modeling gig in Downtown LA, probably one of my favorite places in the entire world. The building was on Spring St. near LATC, it was a great old walk up that is filled with funky artists (Gronk! lives there) Lilo came along and was a perfect Boho baby. He sat on the floor of the studio, watched the proceedings and was INTERESTED and calm the whole time. Whose baby is he anyway? The gig took less time than I thought so L and I headed to little Tokyo for Nisei week and the Tofu Fest.
The picture you see here is L with a giant piece of tofu. In glasses. The tofu, not L.
I ate, L ate, we ate TOFU goodies. I am a huge Japanophile, I could live in little Tokyo and have Sushi, or Shabu Shabu, every day. I guess I should say I am an asian food nut, except for Chinese, with the major exception of Dim Sum. Actally it's not fair to say I dislike Chinese food. I dislike Americanized Chinese food,

"You can't get the sauce as sweet or as thick in China." Name that movie!

L is crawling now and has a line of bruises on his forehead to prove it. Bad Mommy!

T and I are doing the workshop for Charlottes Web at SCR next week and STILL don't have our childcare situation totally squared away. Oy. WHY is childcare so expensive? Seriously, I'm thinking of taking it up, heaven knows babysitters make MORE than I do.

I will admit it, and it's not nice of me to say but I am so jealous of Lulu. Will I ever put on the dress and get the jewelry? bah. It's not pomo or bobo or boho of me, but I do crave the whole shebang every once in a while. And then I don't, and I don't mind going all Kurt and Goldie.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sometimes when you smile I can face bad weather...

White Mountain...or big ol' steer butt.

You know, how sometime the universe decides that it's time for things that have been wobbly to righten themselves?
It seems like the universe has decided to let us breathe more easily. I don't want to put a hex on the good luck, so I won't elaborate until it has all come to pass.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Do I need to "Pimp my Ride"?

Let me first say: I actively dislike pushing a stroller. It makes me feel lame and mumsy. AND here in the real OC, there is a big sense of haves/have nots. I can't go anywhere without putting on make up and a flashy outfit or I will be mistaken for the nanny (I wish I was kidding).
BUT! I was at "The Spectrum"( a gaudy vegas-y mall... that's a good thing, 'cause I love to shop) with my friend Ladybug ( who, bless her MADE me try on a dress, which was a size 6, which fit, which was expensive but I bought it anyway cause... Size 6!! What a pick me up. Of course sizing is so screwy, but it's Anthropologie which is cute girl clothes... anyway... I digress) I was pushing my none too cheap little tangerine colored Chicco (the dress matches it, Honestly it's so Sophia Loren!.. the dress not the stroller, can you even picture Sophia Loren pushing a stroller? On her... yep it would be sexy) walking, chatting, and noticing that everyone I passed, who was wielding a baby buggy, did a sidelong glance, rolled their eyes and moved on. I SWEAR! So it's not a $700 Bugaboo or an over the top Peg Perego... Damn it it's a nice mid sized family.... oh god... it's the Chevrolet of strollers and I'm living in Hummer land...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Curse you JK Rowling!

Don't worry that's all I'm going to say. Except.... Good Book!
In random news, Lilo, T and I just got back from two EXHAUSTING weeks of vacation. We can't figure out why we don't feel at all rested. Poor T has an ear infection he caught while swimming, Lilo is traveled out and grouchy and I am GRIMLY determined to lose these last 15 pounds by the 9 month mark. My pediatrician had her baby 8 weeks ago, and she looks like nothing ever happened. Slim, blond and chipper... GRRRR! I will lose the GD weight. Laci Le Poo here I come!
The apartment buying moves on at a *s n a i l s* pace. I HATE waiting, I have the patience of a five year old. I'm dreaming about all the food I will keep in my kitchen... oh damn, the weight, the weight! I'm dreaming about the new playstation I'm going to get with Dance Dance Revolution on it. And a flat screen TV (smallish) and a bedspread with a giant girly peony on it. HA! I keep going back to the kitchen tho', Caephelon cookware, an immersion blender, and my Hello Kitty toaster oven out of storage. Bliss...
I need ideas. It's a studio. Where the heck do I put the baby. I need to figure out how to create a room... Curtains on a line to make his own space? HELP, I need your creative minds!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Musician

Bix BiterBuscuit, the nascent musician

T has made me a better performer. Singing with him, I've learnt to read music, and have begun to really LEARN how to sing. I have to rise up to the challenge of his expertise. Challenge. That's the word. He makes learning new pieces an exciting collaborative challenge. He is an amazing teacher and coach and I am VERY lucky to have him.
I have an audition coming up and thanks to T, I have absolutely no fear. And it's a hard piece.

Happy Fathers Day, my love.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

In a bit of a Pickle!

So, we went to go see Father dear (T) in his new show at SCR. It's called "The Only Child" it's a very quirky operetta. Lilo got upset when Miss Minnie yelled at his dad, who was UNRECOGNIZABLE in a huge fat suit. Nassy! But very funny Dromedary toe an'all... Anyway, afterwards we all head out for a nosh at Jerry's deli. (yes in the most un-deli city of Costa Mesa, 'course it's always empty, are there even any Chosen people IN CM?) We get soup, sweet potato fries (my new passion) and of course a side of delicious pickles. Guess who sucked the juice out of a pickle like a little pickle vampire? Yup. The Lilo. I am going to be so busted by my pediatrician. He spits out baby food, hates his organic teething bicuits, but hand him a vinegary sour ex-cucumber and he is in heaven. Is this normal? I am so madame bad mommy. He snatched one out of my hand today. sklorp sklorp suck suck, it's now a dead pickle...

In other news... We just put an offer in on the CUTEST 1950's era Googie/Atomic studio in Long Beach! 2 blocks from the beach, Queen Mary adjacent, in the middle of EVERYTHING. A real city dwelling. It's called The Royal Palms. The exterior is late 50's federal building.

The interior is Atomic fantastic.
the windows are fabulous. Light, bright. Poured concrete floor (poor Lilo) Great details. AWESOME!!

Oh I hope it all works out! It's a co-op which could be a problem to get financing, and get this, the loan would be so low that a lot of banks don't want to do it.
Did I mention that this building is the last bargain in LA? It is spectacular, and due to go condo.

ERG.... My stomach just flipped.

I'm excited but scared. I've NEVER been in debt before.

I love this place! (Thanks for the advice R!)

let it work out... please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Darn you Lulu and D-Doll!
The rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog their own 7 random facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven other people and list their names on your blog. Then you leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I am unable to read non-digital wha-ch-call analog clocks.

2. I have a mad passion for Pete Townshend, Hugh Grant, George Clooney and Jim Lehrer, or snugglebunny as I call him. And I am stupidly, dopily mad about T... and LL

3. I went to the American Academy of Dramatic Art for one scant year and got a D in acting. Diane Stevenson. Loathsome creature. Ya know those who can &tc. Karen Hensel and Carl Reggiardo were cool.

4. I studied political science in Oxford. And learned to love scotch eggs.

5. I'm terrified of singing auditions but I love to sing.

6. I cut my own hair.

7. I have 87 dolls.




Pete T


I'll think of more....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr. Darcy or The Gorgeous Gyno

So I go to my Dr.'s office for a check up and a small procedure, Lilo in tow. I usually see good ol' Doctor W who is GREAT, but today I am scheduled to see the new partner.
Now, ladies, we ALL know that the Gyn part of the OB/Gyn is uncomfortable and embarrasing at best, but imagine my horror when, as I am lying on the exam table wearing nought but a kleenex sized piece of paper, in sweeps a vision out of Jane Austin's fevered imagination.
Six foot two, dark wavy hair in abundance, soulful eyes, and wearing a verrrry nice Burburry tie.
Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice is now about to... poke and probe me in ways I am NOT going to enjoy.
The horror.

Boy, I bet THAT office is gonna get an upswell of new clients.

See you on the moors Dr. D!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sweet Potatoes RULE!!!

EWWWW... sticky.
Lilo's first orange food.

T is getting ready to do a presentation of his music to SCR. It's so good... I'm excited to be participating. I'm going to be singing A LOT, and my darling T writes songs that are very rangy, so hopefully my pipes will hold up. We need to pitch a kiddie story... any suggestions? What story would you LOVE to see musicalized?

As for me... frankly I'm rawther unchallenged by life at the moment, except for the fun and joy of learning new music.

I've been scoping out places to buy... problem is, it's hard to know when to swoop on a bargain, especially in these days of falling real estate prices. I've been looking at the Villa Riviera.
Sigh... isn't it pretty!? But can we actually live there?
I SURE as HECK hope so!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I just LOVED seeing D-doll and Boy and WGD at Yatsus' the other night. Lilo and I partied, he stayed up way too late and I received a scolding, but it was worth it to see one of the dearest families in the world.

I hope Y is OK and not smoked out of his house by the Griffith park fire. I can look out our window and see Catalina Isle. in flames. A California apocalypse, right NOW. Eerie.

My lovely Tia Tonia and her fam came to see me! So sweet to be connected to Colombia in the relative weirdness of Orange County. T and I are going to go in September, we hope.

Lilo is giggling at us madly. He must think we are so strange. He went swimming at the pool for the first time on Wednesday. He seemed to like it but got really sleepy in the sun.

I'm doing yoga and pilates and not losing an ounce. T laughed so hard the other day cause I said, "How much weight have I gained since we started our diet?" I WAS SERIOUS!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I (heart) SUSHI.

I Love Sushi.
I Love it.
One thing that really SUCKS about being poor... No sushi.
at this one place I used to go to there was this EXTREMELY delicious Toro slice with roe and toasted garlic. It cost the equivalent of a day at work.... but oh for yum.
I read The Boy's journal about sushi and now I am snarky and jealous. I will get over it. But... Perhaps LMG wants to take his beloved lil' sis out for fine fine sushi slices?
Prob'ly not.

Oh... not being able to afford housing isn't so nice either.

But I do love/miss the raw fishies.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mami, el negro esta rabioso!

Hey, a big shout out to Ronnie Reagan for deciding that the poor, runabout schnooks who have to work for meager, hard won tips, deserve to be taxed on 'em. He must've hated waiters, being a former "actor" and all. At least Fred Thompson can actually act, poor old bugger.
I've been tediously clack-clacking on the old laptop trying to get my taxes in on time. Turbotax is awesome. Tax code is stupidly unawesome. The self employed have to go through hoops only to be punished with paying taxes for SS twice. Why be a player hater?
In cuter news, Lilo is hooting like an owl. A BIG step up from the indignant shriek that means, "damn it mother, I am hungry" Sometimes that kid is so damn clever.... take yesterday for example T and I had auditions for the Laguna Playhouse, a theatre that is right down the street! Sadly the auditions were at the Colony in Burbank, or BFE (no offense WGD and DD)
So we have to take two separate cars (T has rehearsal for the Bataan Death March part deux) AND pack up Lilo cause we can't bloody well afford a babysitter. Lucky me gets to have the tyke in my car which means I get to use the carpool lane. T suffers.
We arrive at the audition location. I am DISCRETE about keeping the baby outside, hoping no one will notice I brought him, but BOOM, the artistic director and the casting director come outside and of course notice I have this baby, and he hasn't got a headshot and resume.
Well groovy little Lilo lights up at the casting gentleman and begins to flirt! Well done kiddo! Of course most people in our business have a horror of children, as do/did we, but Lilo was sunny and easygoing and very cool. Hopefully no one was put off by the huge quantity of drool dribbling down his chin.
Auditions go well (no we didn't get the parts... bother!) And we 3 go to the only Colombian restaurant in LA, Cafe Colombia where we have yummy lunch, and the lady who owns the place BEGS to be allowed to carry Lilo around. She proceeds to introduce him to all the patrons and the kitchen staff, sweetly allowing me to eat my empanadas uninterrupted. Hurrah for the baby mad Colombians!
The empanadas, by the way were SUPERB and I also recommend the Buñuelos and the pan de yucca.
I tried to explain to T about a song about El Negro Rabioso. It was pretty dirty, so I gave up giggling.
We left the meal with Guanabana milkshakes for the road... I LOVE that restaurant!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why did I ever leave Ohio?

So... I'm going to buy a condo in long beach!
At least I'm going to try. I need to own something.
Long Beach is a groovy place with lots of arty folks and a train to get into town, the beach and my beloved Queen Mary.
I can't wait to have a place to put my dolls and listen to music as loud as possible.
It's time, I guess. It's a brave new world. Hopefully all of us will adjust and enjoy our new adventure.
I can't believe how much money the bank is willing to give me, they must WANT you to default, but I'll fool them...
Oh but I'm scared.
Any advice?, and yes, I know condos aren't the smartest go in the market, but it's all I can afford.

Friday, March 30, 2007

fat, fat fatty fat

Why... why does my scale continue to mock me? I eat well, and not too much, I just got a kick A$$ jogging stroller and am dutifuly running up these godforsaken hills. T and I do yoga and keep food diaries. And yet... there's a wedding in the offing (not mine) and I can't fit into ANY of my vast and admittedly over the top collection of pretty frocks. Ah well. I'm sure I can squeeze my bulk into a leopard print muu-muu.
I'm not enjoying my... erm... bazzooms. To quote Sugar in Some Like it Hot, "Clothing just doesn't hang well on me."
Ah well, the world should have my problems.
But still! My C scar aches and pulls when I'm working out... I wonder if that's normal. Thank god for Pilates, at least there is an Ab down there somewhere. And Lionel is an excellent weight. I can work my pecs, triceps and biceps. I get on my back and heft him in all sorts of ways. He seems to like it, and my arms need the workout. He's progressive too. As he increases in weight I increase my reps. Pumpin' baby!

Friday, March 16, 2007

LL Cool baby

He's getting very smiley. Cute, cute, even at 6am when I long to still be asleep. Still can't get his grin on film, tho.Lionel is preparing to play Tiny Tim.... 'cept at the rate he's growing he'll be six feet tall by the time he's the right age. He's wearing 9 month old clothing. He is heavier than a bowling ball. And he has his Daddy's extremelly loud and resonant voice. Especially when I'm late with the chow...
I've had some auditions lately and, man, it's nice to be in the game. Plus, I got paid a whole 55¢ last week for pay TV rights of an episode of the Unit! WhooHoo! Now I can afford formula for LL!
Hey, Wanna see my reel?
Let me know if it looks really lame or takes too long to load.
BTW my episode of "Brian" was on and... I almost missed me completely. OY.... grateful for the money, but so much work and trouble and struggle to get there, find a sitter, drive to Burbank... and the part could have been performed by a monkey.... although I guess that could describe most of my work.
T is playing (was coerced into playing) a Filipino pianist in a musical that he wrote some songs for. WTF? He's six foot two and whiter than a sheet of xerox paper, but HEY...
It's musical about the Bataan Death March... uhhuh... Hmmmm....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breastfeeding is for the birds.

Wish I could love it.
Mostly I feel like a Sizzler buffet.
I am reading a book that is 1300 pages long, and Lionel is frequently in danger of being crushed.
last night I was B-feeding, reading and eating chili. I look down and L has chili splotches all over his onesie.
Bad Mommy!
This morning it was cracker crumbs in his hair.
Big ones. the chihuahua had to get them out.
At least he's sort of sleeping through the night. And he doesn't seem to think I'm weird.
He likes piano music a lot, and rock and roll, and he saw his first play last week and went to his first art opening tonight.
He was looking fine in his track suit.
Most of the people at the art opening looked askance at the baby. maybe they thought he would spit up on the paintings? Mostly he slept, but he liked the mirror balls.
I think the kid is pretty cute... dunno how it happened since daddy and I are sorta meeskite.
Doesn't he look like a rap mogul?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Nanny

So...I got cast in a recurring role in "What About Brian", which was a gig I auditioned for in September. Groovy!
I was playing a nanny... and had to scramble to find a nanny to sit my own little darling... Weird.
I do love to work, tho', it's funny, six weeks ago I was in despair thinking I would never work again... now... I guess we will figure it out.
T is incredibly supportive and we juggle our schedules together, so hopefully we will both be able to continue doing what we love to do.
T is great with Lilo and Lilo is crazy about T... last night he was crooning and laughing to the baby and my heart melted, it was so sweet. Fellas... so surprising sometimes!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nicu nights

I awaken the next morning, unrecognizably puffy from crying. My Doctor has JUST been informed that the baby has been moved to another hospital and he is pretty mad that no one informed him the night before. He decides for my sanity and well being as well as the baby's to release me 3 days early so I can go and be with Lionel.
I feel like absolute hell. I still look pregnant, I can't pee without pain and I can barely see through my swollen eyelids, but as Ddoll said, it's not about me anymore. My bikini area is stapled together, but I actually feel pretty OK and am able to move fairly well.
Again my memory fails me, I'm not sure how or when I was let out of the hospital, the next thing I clearly remember is going up into the NICU and seeing my Mom with Lionel. He had his diaper on and was so scrawny looking. He was hooked up to all sorts of monitors, but he looked just fine. Looking around I realized how lucky we were.Lionel didn't look half as sick as some of those tiny little creatures. However they wanted to keep him for four long days of observation.
The NICU is where I realize how much I LOATHE pumping. Moo.
T and I get to hold and feed the baby as much as we want, but going home without him is so sad. I am a wreck. The whole postpartum blues thing hits and it hits bad.
On Christmas day we are finally allowed to take Lionel home. He has an absolutely clean bill of health, and to be honest we are still not entirely sure what went wrong. He is strapped into his car seat, all the toys he has been given from kind hospital volunteers are gathered and he is put into a little red wagon and toted downstairs and we get to go home!
Lionel and Alfie my Mini become fast friends.
Me however.... I'm amazed they gave me the baby and now I'm afraid I'm going to break him!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

CHOC one up

I was OUT like a light. The baby was in the nurses care, T had to go to work, I zonked.
I think... I can't quite remember the order of things. I do remember not being fed until much later the next day, much to the annoyance of Dr W. I also remember that Lionel was not brought in to see me, and I was not really allowed to move around. I was hooked up to an IV and was in quite a bit of pain. My bikini line was a mass of staples and it REALLY hurt to pee thanks to the catheter that my cheery nurse inserted.
I THINK that the grandparents came and visited and that Lionel was brought around very briefly. I THINK I got super annoyed , and waddled my way to the nursery so I could see my son. Then...
The neonatologist comes in and says that the baby might be really ill, and that he would get better care at another hospital. T and I think NO WAY. I'm stuck in South Coast medical till Xmas. It's awfully late in the day. T has to go off to work. We've agreed to keep the baby at this hospital.
Then... confusion. The Dr wants Lionel to be in the NICU at CHOC... Is he really sick? I say do what's best for the baby.... So the Doc goes to make phone calls and my little son is to be taken from me and put in intensive care. I am hysterical. I waddle my way to the nursery when I am allowed so I can spend time with my baby before he is TAKEN AWAY in an incubator. It was like something out of a movie. A crew of people come in, they stick my tiny little boy with an IV, I'm sobbing, they cart him out in a special ambulance, and I collapse. Really. Like if you saw this on stage you would think it was over the top. They had to drug me to put me out.
I have cried like that once, and that was when my Abuelita died. I was unrecognizable the next morning. My face was so puffy I looked like the Elephant man.
I thought I was going to lose Lionel.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NST's and Me

I got sent home that night, even though T was against it and thought I should stay put. But I thought, if I go home now, everything will calm down and the baby will settle and we can go about having him when he was Expected. Ah... the best laid plans.
I come back the next morning for another non stress test. Same nurse, same worried sounds... Doc W comes in. He is trying to talk me into having a C-section, I am already freaked and attached to monitors and confused and willing to have anything that would stop me from being scared. So... OK baby's in distress... C-section a go! except.. I had breakfast that morning and have to wait till the afternoon to digest it. I am strapped to the monitors all day anxiously waiting for the surgery to begin.
Worse and worse T has to work that night! He calls my beloved parents who drop everything and rush down to Laguna.
We wait and wait and wait and then... The anaesthesiologist makes his appearance and the "procedure" is a go.
It was so weird! I was laid on the table. (frankly I felt like a dolphin or a corpse from CSI) and numbed. They put up a blue screen, like something straight out of the movies. T thinks the baby was created by the Rand corporation since he didn't see him come out. He just saw me, screen and then grey and green baby. (anyone remember the Warner brother cartoon about "Yob, Yob, That's my baby?") I felt tugging, pulling, nausea, fear. A song from Rent played on the radio. T says he saw my guts stacked alongside me. Then at 4:42 Lionel was pulled out of a neat little opening in my belly and made a tiny cry. I think I stopped breathing. T was rushed away and he cut the cord, I met little L but had to stay put while they sewed me back together....
Everything seemed to be OK, they even wanted me to nurse, but then....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh, but it's hard....!

Yes, the baby is born. He is a beautiful little boy named Lionel Laurance, and he has taken over his mothers life.
T and I went to go see Christmas Carol at SCR on the 19th of December. We stayed out late and had dinner at Norms. That night I felt a horrible pain that lasted about 15 minutes, A contraction? No, I thought, it didn't repeat itself and it didn't last.
The next day i have a doctors appointment. T is out so I ask his mom to accompany me because I feel a little funny, odd, not altogether myself. I go to the OB's and he checks me out, seems to think everything is ok, until I say, "I haven't felt the baby move very much today." Dr Woody's face wrinkles with imperceptible worry, and he sends me to the hospital for a Non-stress test for the baby.
So Miriam and I go, both of us sure that it's nothing. But as I lie in the bed getting my fetal movements measured, the nurse gets more and more concerned. She says she's , "not liking what she sees, too many valleys." I don't even know what that means! My Doc comes in near the end of the test and gives me the choice to stay the night or go home. He also mentions a C-section, and how it would be RIGHT for someone in my condition.
I choose to go home convinced that everything will right itself by the morning. The baby isn't even due for ten days. We aren't ready.