Friday, April 20, 2007

I (heart) SUSHI.

I Love Sushi.
I Love it.
One thing that really SUCKS about being poor... No sushi.
at this one place I used to go to there was this EXTREMELY delicious Toro slice with roe and toasted garlic. It cost the equivalent of a day at work.... but oh for yum.
I read The Boy's journal about sushi and now I am snarky and jealous. I will get over it. But... Perhaps LMG wants to take his beloved lil' sis out for fine fine sushi slices?
Prob'ly not.

Oh... not being able to afford housing isn't so nice either.

But I do love/miss the raw fishies.


yatsu said...

Arg, it truly is a wallet shrinker. There's always the Todai all-you-can-eat buffet option, though the quality is B+ at best ...

demondoll said...

I miss sushi- we have vurrrrry few choices here in the boonies.
Mmm... sushi....