Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why did I ever leave Ohio?

So... I'm going to buy a condo in long beach!
At least I'm going to try. I need to own something.
Long Beach is a groovy place with lots of arty folks and a train to get into town, the beach and my beloved Queen Mary.
I can't wait to have a place to put my dolls and listen to music as loud as possible.
It's time, I guess. It's a brave new world. Hopefully all of us will adjust and enjoy our new adventure.
I can't believe how much money the bank is willing to give me, they must WANT you to default, but I'll fool them...
Oh but I'm scared.
Any advice?, and yes, I know condos aren't the smartest go in the market, but it's all I can afford.


White Ghost Devil said...

Our condo worked out great for us. The place was not much, but the location worked great for us. Being 4 blocks from the mall to have an air conditioned location push the stroller was fantastic.

Mostly we needed the condo so I wouldn't have to do the laundry mat thing 2x a week. You need your own place if only to put the mounds of clean burpies and onesies on the sofa. You're just going to us them, so why bother folding and putting away?

Good luck on being landed gentry.

demondoll said...

While it's true that condos don't appreciate quite as quickly as stand-alone homes, CA real-estate is still boom-chika-boom. I think you'll be fine as long as you aren't looking to flip it.
Best wishes on your newest adventure!

Anonymous said...

Di, congratulations on your move. Jeanne and I want to see you ASAP as well as T and LL.

Jim O'Leary

Rachel said...

Di Di -- I'm so impressed!! Good luck on your new adventure -- you'll love it! Buying was the best thing I've EVER done! I just wish someone had told me sooner...

Oh, and I wouldn't be too concerned with the resale of the condo -- places by the beach are always a good investment.