Monday, July 07, 2008

Drat! The Duck!

We lost Lionels' Duckie last week. Gone, lord only knows where. The Thomas Train set on Belmont shore? Nope. The Beach Trail? Nope. The gutter on Ocean ave? Nope, nope, and how would I have cleaned it anyway? Oh, it was a tragic night here at the Federal Building. So I do what any desperate mother would and.... got on ebay!
Voila! 3, count 'em, 3 of the exact duck!! Wow! What are the odds? I'm so grateful... hey wait a cotton filled minute... these people want $30 for this small Duck from Target. And... the other items they are selling? More Loveys! These people hoard Loveys and them sell 'em to desperate parents for ridiculous amounts of cash. Ick. As much as I resented the thought I went ahead and bought one. She arrived today and Lilo is blissed out.. Never underestimate the power of a baby's tears to make you part with your hard earned and rather scarce cash.
If that duck runs away again, I don't know what the duck I'll do.