Thursday, January 31, 2008


What a nightmare week...
My tire blew on the freeway with the baby in the car.
Spent ALL morning at the Mini Cooper dealer replacing it.
And... is it rational to anyone to have a licensed day care provider, who has promised to watch your child for a month, to just up and move? MOVE? and You just found out TODAY? You couldn't give me a heads up earlier? Thanks for screwing me so thoroughly.
Leading to... a nervous break down, a fight, and serious depression and doubts about the rationality of one's day to day existence.
Anyhow, thank god for N. Lilo is safe and happy and that's the only thing that matters. The fact that I aged 20 years yesterday seems trifling.
On a less apocalyptic note Charlotte's Web is going well. I wish I loved ANYTHING else workwise as well as I love being an actor.
Teaching is good too, altho' I have one child who CONSTANTLY picks his nose and his bottom (at the same time) and yesterday pretended to pee on everyone. I also have lil' creepy Addams family kid, who found my keychain w/ it's pocket knife rather TOO intriguing. Yipes.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I should be cleaning the kitchen...

But... I feel a need to link to the outside world.
First off Happy Birthday Vahz-Don, may you get a magical non spilling bike and less dopey neighbors.
I miss you all. I'm not terribly good at making new friends, and I'm a wee bit on the lonely side...
Which is crazy because I just saw Shiny P yesterday, my beloved T made me steaks the night before and I'm crazily, busily getting ready to go into rehearsal for Charlotte's Web and trying to get my childcare issues solved and ready to go.
T is in "Red Herring" at the Laguna Playhouse, which is awesome, but which means I don't get to see much of him for the next 8 weeks. Hi-diddle-dee-dee.
I'm teaching acting to kidlets, which for me is an excuse to run around and have a lot of fun playing Kitty wants a Corner and Streets and Alleys. I'm also directing 2 Fractured Fairy Tales at Victoria School. Now I'm beginning to wonder how I even have TIME to be lonely!
Anyhow, things are fine, I've made a resolution to try and stay zen and centered.
Lilo is walking and says Truck, Daddy and Dog. I owe many people thank you cards for L's bday pressies. Yatsu the books were a great hit! Esp. the ABC Seuss.
As you can see I'm as unfocused as Mr Magoo right now.
Sad passing: My beloved puss Rosencrantz has died. Thank you D for making his parting as sweet as possible. He was the cat of my life and I am so sad that he's gone that I can't think about it. One needs cats, they are essential. I'd love to get one, but probably now is not the time, unless one waltzes into my life.