Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's not about me...

My beloved pal Jonny had his spleen removed. Which for all the Shakespeare geeks started a whole bunch of spleen and choler jokes which are geeky and lame and history based and creative anachronism and an excuse to be a smart person. Nevertheless he's a sicky and I just re-met him after nearly 20 years. The only higher power I believe in is Shakespeare so... a pox on your spleen, Jon o' bedlam an may the faeries grant ye Looong life.
I hate showbiz. The only people who are loyal in showbiz are your family and that's only if you aren't crazy and they have become your conservators. F^&k working so hard to establish "relationships" I'm tired of it. Love me for who I am am or just go away. I've been rejected by far fancier.
Yes folk I am fat, angry and tired of "resting" Thanks to this idiot swine flu I can't go to the gym, so I'm stuck at home eating organic oreos and feeling sorry for myself.
People quit acting all the time. Of course they do. Being rejected in this biz mean YOU are at fault, YOU YOURSELF aren't pretty, sexy, compelling, talented enough. Nothing to hide behind, especially for a character actor. So like I said F&^k it. I'm tired. Too bad I'm no damn good at anything else. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.....
Thank the bard for my boys.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cats and Mittens

Tommy and Lilo on the Catalina express.

We had a very nice semi-vacation to Catalina last week, interrupted by a COMPLETELY irritating callback sojourn back to the mainland for T. Don't get me started. Not irritated with T, but there is someone on my serious S^%t-List right now.
We stayed at the MacRae, right on the beach. VERY nicely priced. We ate well, rode the golf cart all around the island and played, played, played!
This week I hired a very nice, very competent fellow to help T get his compositions on computer, seems like it will be money VERY well spent. As for me I shot another industrial for LRN Corp. (Thanks Traci!) and Lilo got a guitar (see below) I also had lunch with my lovelies, Pen and Mel at the Grove, and I realized how mch I miss GIRL time. Now I am trapped in my apartment while surrounded with hooligans and felons. The Long Beach Grand Prix, dontcha know. Although what the hell is so grand about it I DON'T KNOW! I left the house for Yoga this morning at 1030am and couldn't come back until 5pm. I practically had to do Deathrace 2009 for a parking space. Flip me off all you like, hooligan-child, that is MY PARKING SPACE! GRRRR!
Anyhow, T and I are teaching tomorrow for the Imagination Celebration at SCR. Come and play!

Lilo the Guitar God

We were watching "The Kids are Alright" and he strapped his axe on.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yesterday Lionel had his first audition in town, for Baby Gap. T and I had an audition for a play, we were there anyway, so I decided it wouldn't be much of a stretch to take L to his audition.
We got there and I think L was suspicious of the place. It was antiseptic, there were other kids looking nervous, obviously he thought: It's a doctors office! He was in a t-shirt and diaper, cause it was so hot and I had to wrestle him into his nice outfit. (or his shirt and pants, T says boys don't do "Outfits") When he got in the room he pouted and lay face down on the floor, and refused to look up. I was about to take him out, but the photographer wanted to try and get a picture. The second that kid had a camera in his face he came to life and started posing. Then he says, "Bye,see ya later." and skips out saying, "Momma Lilo do "dition, too?" I told him he did very well. Then I took him to the park in WeHo for a couple of hours till traffic died down.
Now all he can talk about is his 'dition, and T and I are filled with an unnamed dread.