Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yesterday Lionel had his first audition in town, for Baby Gap. T and I had an audition for a play, we were there anyway, so I decided it wouldn't be much of a stretch to take L to his audition.
We got there and I think L was suspicious of the place. It was antiseptic, there were other kids looking nervous, obviously he thought: It's a doctors office! He was in a t-shirt and diaper, cause it was so hot and I had to wrestle him into his nice outfit. (or his shirt and pants, T says boys don't do "Outfits") When he got in the room he pouted and lay face down on the floor, and refused to look up. I was about to take him out, but the photographer wanted to try and get a picture. The second that kid had a camera in his face he came to life and started posing. Then he says, "Bye,see ya later." and skips out saying, "Momma Lilo do "dition, too?" I told him he did very well. Then I took him to the park in WeHo for a couple of hours till traffic died down.
Now all he can talk about is his 'dition, and T and I are filled with an unnamed dread.

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demondoll said...

Oh my movie stars!
I have to say I love it. I do! Especially as college is going to be so spendy, why not let him earn a few pennies for higher edumacation? And if he gets cute clothes, so much the better :-D

I should have sold my baby out on his blendy looks. You the smart!