Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cats and Mittens

Tommy and Lilo on the Catalina express.

We had a very nice semi-vacation to Catalina last week, interrupted by a COMPLETELY irritating callback sojourn back to the mainland for T. Don't get me started. Not irritated with T, but there is someone on my serious S^%t-List right now.
We stayed at the MacRae, right on the beach. VERY nicely priced. We ate well, rode the golf cart all around the island and played, played, played!
This week I hired a very nice, very competent fellow to help T get his compositions on computer, seems like it will be money VERY well spent. As for me I shot another industrial for LRN Corp. (Thanks Traci!) and Lilo got a guitar (see below) I also had lunch with my lovelies, Pen and Mel at the Grove, and I realized how mch I miss GIRL time. Now I am trapped in my apartment while surrounded with hooligans and felons. The Long Beach Grand Prix, dontcha know. Although what the hell is so grand about it I DON'T KNOW! I left the house for Yoga this morning at 1030am and couldn't come back until 5pm. I practically had to do Deathrace 2009 for a parking space. Flip me off all you like, hooligan-child, that is MY PARKING SPACE! GRRRR!
Anyhow, T and I are teaching tomorrow for the Imagination Celebration at SCR. Come and play!

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