Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It is 420pm. It is DARK already except for the golden time sun just lighting up the edge of the clouds on the bottom of the Horizon. I SHOULD be working on my script. I am allegedly writing a musical. I am faffing far more than I am actually writing. I will use ANY excuse not to write, including doing the laundry or the dishes, tasks I normally would put off as long as I could.
Instead of writing I set up the video Ipod to work with our ancient TV, I took out the recycling and I posted on Facebook.
I try to write while the baby is napping as I am worthless after he goes to bed for the night, but inspiration is NOT striking.
I would rather blog, than work on my script.
I'd rather fold shirts than work on my script.
I'd rather look out the window at the transients than work on my script.
is it the ADHD or just writers block?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some times I feel I've got to.. get away!

I'm sick as a dog, a disgusting bodily fluidy sick that cannot be controlled. So is the boy. I didn't know the MEANING of projectile vomiting until I witness Lilo come up with more STUFF than seems possible from a little body. I have to go rent a carpet cleaner. For real.. this is a super mess. And now Tommy has it and is feeling bad, bad, bad.
And this is after flu shots, mind.
On the plus side, I have been freed from the contract to Ballys prison gym. My previous gym was not only miles away but looked like it belonged in Sing-Sing. ICK. I'm a gym rat of LOOOONG standing, and I demand a certain level of, oh, cleanliness is a good place to start. My new 24 hour fitness is light, open and you don't have to make an appointment for childcare. No bellydancing, unfortunately, but I will try to find a place here in Long Beach once I get Lilo into a nice daycare situation. The fact that I'm not competing with Big Pussy for the equipment is a huge bonus. (No, shocked relatives, he was a character in the Sopranos, check the wiki)
I'm off to scrub my brain with the latest episode of ANTM. ciao.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A & A Towing, and Vons

Dear Vons on Broadway and Atlantic and A & A Towing on Cherry,
I knew that inevitably, my car would get towed one day. I have had a run of good luck and managed to go a YEAR without being towed. Yes, signs are posted, yes, I know better.
A and A Towing,Was there a twinge when you saw a baby seat and a stroller? Did you happen to feel just a tiny bit bad imagining how difficult it might be to get the car back with a toddler in tow? Do you feel at all guilty that aforementioned toddler woke up puking all over himself, and puked all over Momma on the bus, and did not deserve to be hauled away from his comfortable couch and Curious George? And really charging extra for a PARKING BRAKE that was on? C'mon.
Vons, I have spent thousands and thousands in your store, the $241 I spent getting Alfie out of hock, would have been in your pocket anyway. Is there some weird satisfaction in having a completely empty parking lot? And why do you charge for parking during "Events" yet refuse to take a monthly fee so my neighbors and I could have a safe well lit parking lot?There is no parking in Downtown Long Beach. This could be a win/win. I am so mad I plan to shop at Albertsons, even if it isn't in my front yard.
Sour Grapily,
your neighbor.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 8:14pm California Time

... Barck Obama has won! The buzz goes around my local Vons, where I've dashed in to get milk. "he's a godddamed muslim" says the fat guy behind me... but he's the only guy in the grocery store who isn't literaly dancing, smiling and singing.
You have a lot to live up to Mr. Prsident. Don't let us down.