Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Minnesota and Me

I am so proud of the work I've done on T's Minnesota project. He sat me down the other day and made me sing the lyrics his collaborator had written. Like on "whose line is it anyway?", we just messed around and sang crazy country songs, the he shaped my improvised tunes into something ( I think!) pretty darn groovy.
I helped write the DooWop and a song called Picking Up the Pieces
They are VERY sloppy tracks, the lyrics aren't set and some of the recordings are pretty bad, but the writer of the piece is in Minnesota and needs to hear the tracks as soon as poss. So I learned how to do some rudimentary sound engineering. It's cool technology!
Sleep Till Noon Productions

Saturday, June 07, 2008


On a brighter note Imagine is getting rave reviews. We got critics pick in the Backstage West.
And nice articles in The Times and OC Register. Variety is coming too.... FUN!

Sears Suckage

Sears... what a lousy company. I cannot believe the trouble I have had trying to get the mess that is my so called "AC installation" fixed. First is the terror of having some guy cut a huge hole in my apartment wall. He proceeds to drop a steel plate 4 stories down, thank GOD no one got killed. Then he installs the AC, but doesn't tell me that I need a transformer and an electrician to plug in the 220 volt, he just says I'll need an adapter. OK so I bought the wrong one, but he installed it! He could've saved me a lot of trouble, if he had said...hey Lady, this won't plug into the wall. Then he leaves gooey spray foam ALL over my carpet, pieces of wood holding the AC "UP" (Alarming and so ghetto!) and there are gaps in the wall. At first he left it open to the sky, I thought ARE YOU HIGH? Then he gets in his truck, goes to the hardware store and gets some cheap ass spray foam to cover the gaps, but neglects to get the bottom. I can't wait for him to leave, the job sucks and he has told me it's the best he can do... when I find an unopened box of foam and some other things that he neglected to open or use, which might have saved him the trip to the store, since that is what is meant to insulate the AC.
Then EVERY day for a week I am on the phone with the minimum wagers at Sears trying to get someone to come out and fix this mess. I hate Sears, hate them. I will never buy another appliance from them. They hire irresponsible contractors. I still haven't gotten the issue fixed, and have increasingly fewer hopes that it will ever get resolved.
I guess I have to get a handyman (yeah, good luck) and get the thing repaired on my nickel. I wonder if I can sue, or complain to the BBB? AAAUUUGGGGHHH