Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Imagine Reviews Pt ii

LA Times Review

Stage Scene Review


demondoll said...

So completely delicious!!!! What fab reviews- I'm so excited for you and the rest of the cast :-D
Congrats on what will be a glorious run!

Anonymous said...

Di, is that really you in front of the giant Crayola box, with those impossibly beautiful gleamers? Yes, by George, it is!

It's been awhile since we last saw each other ( the last time, perhaps, was during the run of Candide at the PAC. I played Betsy Ferguson's and Aaron Cogan's [ remember him?] papa, Baron von Thundertronck. I also played a lecherous Roman prelate ). So you probably don't remember me. But we do have a mutual pal in Max Goldberg. ( He's the one that told about your blog ).

Anyhow, it's good to know your still trodding the boards and thriving.

Take care,

-Mark Talley

LolaDiana said...

Hey MARK! Of course I remember you.
Don't be a stranger, max can give you my email addy...
and thx as always for yer support cons