Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hispanic thing.

It's not a joke when I say I didn't know I was "Hispanic" or "Latino" until I got to Hollywood. Sure we spoke Spanish to my Abuelita who lived with us, sure my family had emigrated from Colombia when I was three. But It never crossed my mind that I wasn't white, whatever white means. I just wasn't raised that way. I'm not even Hispanic enough to know what a pocha was when that's what I was called.
I went to Catholic schools with all different colors of kids. Fear and loathing of the nuns was a universal trait, so not much to differentiate us there. My favorite music was The Beatles, my favorite TV show, Star Trek. When I did children's theatre they just slapped dark makeup on the white kids and called them Sharks, and no one blinked when I played the Scottish lass from Brigadoon, or the blonde chorine, Adelaide. My best friends were... I don't even know.. maybe they were ethnic too, I can't remember.
I move to Hollywood and every second audition its, "Can you use an accent?" YES, I'm an expert at Cockney and New Jersey and I do a very good Russian....I suppose you mean can I have an accent showing that Spanish is my first language? What a bore.
I'm just me. I'm proud to be Latina, especially after working so hard in the entertainment industry and fighting to do the roles that don't call for tattoos on my face or a mop in my hands. But GEEZ... My natural accent is Duuuuude, and Whut-EVER. and Oh Mah GAWD. I hate cleaning house, I've never killed a guy and I need to use sunscreen or I'll burn in 20 minutes. I'm a complete Sci-fi nerd and can recite the Alpha Bravo Charlie alphabet.
Huh...Whateeeevvvvveeeer. Later ese.

Friday, January 23, 2009


So here I am chomping thru a box of Sees candy. I got a gift certificate from Killer and Lilo and I bought a pound today. This is unfortunate as I have NO self control.
Spent today in the car. Obscenely early doc appt. for Lilo in Laguna, who is, of course, perfect. Then a so-called audition.( ie: a picture taking session) for which I drove 2 hours from Laguna to effin Woodland hills. I ended up having to spend 3 hours in the Westside pavilions so L could run around and have some fun because the traffic was FILTHY, because goddammit, it rained. hence the 1 lb box of choccys.
I'm thru the almonds and the marzipan now.
We saw Minskys at the Ahmanson this Wednesday, which was the first public performance. I liked it better than T did, but I can't really remember it at all now. It wasn't funny or sexy, really. Here's a hint: when you put a drop cloth down on the stage, you TELEGRAPH the pie throwing. And that kills the gag. Pies in the face are only funny if they are a surprise. And George Wendt sounds a bit drunk. And blonde ingenues are BOOOORRRIINNGG. And, oh boy semi naked girls! Didn't Fosse do that in the sixties AND he added drag? I hope the show tightens up before it attempts Broadway.
We also got fish and I didn't freeze the blood worms. Such a gooey thing to come home to!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Looking at the Moon.

The moon is spectacular. I can see it bright and clear from outside my desk window. It was an absolutely balmy day. I've had a pretty hard week, a little disappointing, professionally. Tommy keeps talking about packing it all in and becoming postal workers. Sometimes that seems like the best idea I've ever heard.
Today was hot and beautiful. Lilo and I headed to the farmers market, ate a pupusa (oops on the low carb, but oh so yummy) I strapped on my skates and headed down the beach to Belmont shore. I made an effort to actually TALK to people today. I feel so dang out of place with the mommy crowd, but I made the effort and had a nice chat as well as a babysitters number. We played so long with the Thomas Train set that there was nary a peep out of Lilo when I loaded him back into the jog-o-mobile for the skate back.
Like I said, the day was gorgeous. I did feel a twinge of regret about my old house. It was so beautiful and so party friendly. I miss giving parties. I also miss sitting outside in the sun. We can't really afford a backyard, but I sure do want one. Lilo needs one, too. I'd also like a nice big kitchen to accommodate my new discovery. Cooking can be fun. IF T does the dishes, cause I hate dishes. HATE THEM!
I'm making beer butt chicken in mole, and this morning I made banana bread. So there.
I'm trying to rev myself up to go to a party. Understand I have to take Lilo, that's why I'm considering not going. But OH to talk to adults....
My big triumph of the week: I fixed the insinkerator all by myself.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

It looks like 09 is gonna be a good year...

The holidays seem to have lasted forever.
Lilo wont let me put away the tree, and has the drummer boy Abuelita gave him, currently clutched in his grubby little hand. Lilo is now two. He can recite half the alphabet and his numbers to 20 although he tends to skip from 6 to 11 and then to 18.
I worked a few gigs this season, not a lot, but I did have a lot of fun reuniting with the Killer crew for a few corporate gigs that were a blast. I have a couple of auditions coming up and new headshots clutched in MY grubby hands. I am looking forward to the new year. Especially in creative terms as I feel I am back on my game.
T and I have yet to do our new years list, but looking back on the past year, I think we got a lot accomplished. 7 plays, 1 Voiceover reel (that rocks, thanks Marcus!) 1 trip to Minnesota, lots of teaching acting for SCR, at the theatre and at the Newport Beach Library, travel to San Jose and vice versa for lots of abuelito time, some good weight loss that has stuck, trips to Denver and Pincrest lake, a new niece (Hi LUCY!) and some new cousins on T's side (Hi Phoebe and Zander!), a gorgeous wedding for the D'oyly-Parsnips, and as I look at my calendar (I'm looking backwards) the days are very full, indeed.
Hopefully whats up on the orisons will be even more enjoyable.
We celebrated Lilo's b-day at the American Legion Yatch club with ALL his grandparents in attendance. Isn't that remarkable?
love to all!