Saturday, January 03, 2009

It looks like 09 is gonna be a good year...

The holidays seem to have lasted forever.
Lilo wont let me put away the tree, and has the drummer boy Abuelita gave him, currently clutched in his grubby little hand. Lilo is now two. He can recite half the alphabet and his numbers to 20 although he tends to skip from 6 to 11 and then to 18.
I worked a few gigs this season, not a lot, but I did have a lot of fun reuniting with the Killer crew for a few corporate gigs that were a blast. I have a couple of auditions coming up and new headshots clutched in MY grubby hands. I am looking forward to the new year. Especially in creative terms as I feel I am back on my game.
T and I have yet to do our new years list, but looking back on the past year, I think we got a lot accomplished. 7 plays, 1 Voiceover reel (that rocks, thanks Marcus!) 1 trip to Minnesota, lots of teaching acting for SCR, at the theatre and at the Newport Beach Library, travel to San Jose and vice versa for lots of abuelito time, some good weight loss that has stuck, trips to Denver and Pincrest lake, a new niece (Hi LUCY!) and some new cousins on T's side (Hi Phoebe and Zander!), a gorgeous wedding for the D'oyly-Parsnips, and as I look at my calendar (I'm looking backwards) the days are very full, indeed.
Hopefully whats up on the orisons will be even more enjoyable.
We celebrated Lilo's b-day at the American Legion Yatch club with ALL his grandparents in attendance. Isn't that remarkable?
love to all!


The Puoci Girls said...

Happy Birthday Lilo! Enjoy a most terrible year. It's the best being 2. You (and mom and dad)will have the most fun.

Melissa said...

My my! He is handsome and so grown up!