Saturday, January 10, 2009

Looking at the Moon.

The moon is spectacular. I can see it bright and clear from outside my desk window. It was an absolutely balmy day. I've had a pretty hard week, a little disappointing, professionally. Tommy keeps talking about packing it all in and becoming postal workers. Sometimes that seems like the best idea I've ever heard.
Today was hot and beautiful. Lilo and I headed to the farmers market, ate a pupusa (oops on the low carb, but oh so yummy) I strapped on my skates and headed down the beach to Belmont shore. I made an effort to actually TALK to people today. I feel so dang out of place with the mommy crowd, but I made the effort and had a nice chat as well as a babysitters number. We played so long with the Thomas Train set that there was nary a peep out of Lilo when I loaded him back into the jog-o-mobile for the skate back.
Like I said, the day was gorgeous. I did feel a twinge of regret about my old house. It was so beautiful and so party friendly. I miss giving parties. I also miss sitting outside in the sun. We can't really afford a backyard, but I sure do want one. Lilo needs one, too. I'd also like a nice big kitchen to accommodate my new discovery. Cooking can be fun. IF T does the dishes, cause I hate dishes. HATE THEM!
I'm making beer butt chicken in mole, and this morning I made banana bread. So there.
I'm trying to rev myself up to go to a party. Understand I have to take Lilo, that's why I'm considering not going. But OH to talk to adults....
My big triumph of the week: I fixed the insinkerator all by myself.

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The Puoci Girls said...

Missing you. Lots of mommies miss grownups. Kids are great and all but, oh... Grownups...