Saturday, January 28, 2006


Advice to all actors, courtesy of Knotts Berry farm

Still NO sign of my Mini. Spectrum Collision in Irvine absolutely STINKS!!!!! 2 and a half months, ladies and gents, and I am convinced that they have sold Alfie into white slavery. I had to pay the rental car co for 70 days.... $1900! And the guy at Spectrum claims that the paint job "Wasn't up to our standards" so they have to keep Alfie ANOTHER week...or twelve!AAAUUGGHH! What a line of BS!

Eureka! Continues well, tho' I am convinced that someone is going to end up crying. Early mornings and strong personalities do not an ideal situation make.

Been doing yoga for 4 days straight in an effort to boost my lazy bottom back into shape... Happiness will make you fat. Well makes me fat anyway, T is slim and cute. Of course I'm partial... The campaign to get him into a pair of 501's is going very badly indeed. He refuses to have anything to do with jeans. The irony is he has a cute tushie that would be even cuter in denim, but *sigh* try getting a boomer to do something he doesn't want to. He is acquiring a nice retro hip wardrobe, thanks to me. He looks like a 50's era beatnik musician.

We went to see "The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler" at SCR last night (a nice perk of the job... All the free theatre you can eat) extremely entertaining, a little confusing, but very funny. And the lady who plays Mammy is one brave and powerful actress. Ultimately the play is written for theatre geeks. Can't see the bridge and tunnel types "getting" it.
The premise is, Hedda G wakes up after shooting herself in her play, and she lands in a limbo for famous and compelling characters. Dismayed to find that she can't die the way she desperately wants to, she goes looking for her creator to change the outcome of her life. And Jesus is in it as is Jar Jar Binks and Little Orphan Annie. It's one big theatre in joke.

We went to Habana afterward and ate piles of garlicky Paella and drank Sangria, and had a nice date night. Being poor as mice, we don't go out to eat too often,so Habana was a treat. In fact, and I know this is unbelievable to my close pals, I've become a pretty good cook. Honest! I made homemade spaghetti sauce, the other night and my repetoire includes Arroz con Pollo and Chops. Hard to believe, I know, coming from Take Out girl!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sam Maloof day

T and I, accompanied Paul Darrow and Miriam Shelton to a groundbreaking for the artist Sam Maloof. Very swanky, lovely and refined sort of party. Sam had In and Out Burgers and Dilly Bars for everyone. Fun to watch the hoi polloi balancing greasy burger treats on their arty laps. Paul and Mim are great artists in their own right. Actually the place was lousy with clever people. It was all classy and all, but it felt funny to be putting Sam in a museum, when he is such a lively funny unpretentious guy.

AND Imagine my delight to find Danny Oberbeck's band "Paddy Doyle's Boots" bekilted and playing outside. What a treat. The guys looked great. They had just decided to get Utilikilts and Doc martens as the new band uniform, so there were many lovely male knees on display. And to my great delight, a huge Santa Ana wind gusted up just as my pal Jim was playing a solo on his fiddle Hee hee! These guys truly rock. Miss them at your own peril!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kaiser Soze/I feel a song coming on....

Here we are, two lost souls, sitting in the waiting room of Kaiser Permanente. Why does this place have free Wireless internet? HMMM??? $5 per doc appointment, how is that possible?!

Lordy, T has strep throat.... eek. What a bore.. I've been sick-ish for nearly 2 months straight! sigh..Children's performers are always sick. I adore the kiddies, but OY they are lil' ol' petrie dishes!

(next day..) Poor T just toddled off to work. He plays the piano for Mystery Cafe every weekend, and he is off to tinkle the ersatz ivories, chock full of antibiotics, and armed with sanitizing gel for the piano keys. Leaving me to work on our fundraising effort for the AIDS ride.
T and I are performers(duh) and we want to raise funds by doing our cabaret act. We are pretty good, 'f I do say so, and our idea is to take our act to clubs around town, and whatever cover charges or tips we manage to raise go straight to the AIDS ride.
By the bye, anyone out there who could help us put our act in a club.... it's standards, leanings towards the funny side. We are both comedians and I think the charm of what we do really lies in us not taking ourselves too seriously, while being technically quite proficient. T is slated to do some Noel Coward songs for the Laguna Playhouse... nice to think that when you do something well, people are willing to pay you for it. Especially when it's something as ephemeral as performing. So anyway... I THINK we can raise money this way....opinions please?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mini Pain

My baby on the day he came home...sigh.

I was in a car accident on opening night of Bunnicula over 2 months ago. I am ok but the love of my life, (My car Alfie) has been in the shop since then. I miss that car. He is my pride and joy, and to be honest, the only possesion of any worth that I have in this world. I miss his little joyful toggles, his heated seats, his Ipod hookup that I installed all by me-self....
He was rear ended by a @@#!@%$ Ford Explorer (sorry to be neg. but I LOATHE those nasty ol' SUV's) Little Alf protected us bravely, and kept me and T in one piece, but his lil' bum was squooshed... I just got a message saying he MIGHT be ready next week. What the heck is taking so long? My rental car is a sorry thing. At least I'm getting some money for my trouble... By the way we made our half hour call by the skin of our teeth thanks to a competent cop and the fact that the people WE hit were SCR subscribers. Small world!

Monday, January 16, 2006


This is from Bunnicula at SCR, I am playing a cat.

New year, new squeaky clean self.
Last blog a bit too embarrassing.. hence twas erased.
I am currently living in Laguna Beach, atop a lovely hillside with views of Catalina. It is very relaxing. A trifle TOO relaxing as I am, at heart, a city girl and get restless easily. Luckily I am working at SCR this spring until May, and am also in training for the SF to LA aids ride with m'boy, so there is really very little time to miss the city hustle and bustle.
To date T and I have ridden over 50 miles together and are trying to make that our weekly goal. It's a blast except for a bit of chaffing on my bottom bit from the seat. Last Saturday we rode with his dad all around Newport beaches back bay. Loverly and nature filled, but also wet and stinky. The pile of clothes that I still have to wash from that ride are smelling more and more like soggy goose every day.
Sunday, In spite of T's throaty illness we went to The Glen Ivy Hot Springs and slathered ourselves in mud and wallowed like two happy hippos. On our way home we stopped at Marukai, a Japanese supermarket and had ramen at a place called "Formerly Tampopo's" It's under new management. We had huge bowls of soup and gyoza and chatted about how great it is to have "exotic" food so easy to find. I am a huge fan of Asian cuisines. Give me Dim Sum, or Pho or Sashimi and I am happy as a Maneki Neko. The best Dim Sum place in the world, by the way, is Ocean Seafood in LA's Chinatown, but get there early or they run out of the good stuff...
Today T is resolved to stay in bed and get better. He still has his tonsils, poor duck, and his is an Achille's throat. I mapped out my driving schedule for next week.... oy as grateful as I am for the steady acting works, school tours are hard, "It's WHAT time for calltime!?" Nothing like dragging yourself out of bed before the sun comes up, slapping on makeup and trying to perform with a modicum of style. Luckily the show is very fun and not too taxing. I play Lola Montez. For 4th graders. Huh. Well, I do get a pet bear....