Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mini Pain

My baby on the day he came home...sigh.

I was in a car accident on opening night of Bunnicula over 2 months ago. I am ok but the love of my life, (My car Alfie) has been in the shop since then. I miss that car. He is my pride and joy, and to be honest, the only possesion of any worth that I have in this world. I miss his little joyful toggles, his heated seats, his Ipod hookup that I installed all by me-self....
He was rear ended by a @@#!@%$ Ford Explorer (sorry to be neg. but I LOATHE those nasty ol' SUV's) Little Alf protected us bravely, and kept me and T in one piece, but his lil' bum was squooshed... I just got a message saying he MIGHT be ready next week. What the heck is taking so long? My rental car is a sorry thing. At least I'm getting some money for my trouble... By the way we made our half hour call by the skin of our teeth thanks to a competent cop and the fact that the people WE hit were SCR subscribers. Small world!


demondoll said...

Your poor baby! I'm so sorry for you both. Were you ok, at least? I haaate accidents.

LolaDiana said...

Yup... I'm fine, I banged up my knee, but our stage manager had a lil vodka for me for after the show. Just annoying really, ya know?