Saturday, January 28, 2006


Advice to all actors, courtesy of Knotts Berry farm

Still NO sign of my Mini. Spectrum Collision in Irvine absolutely STINKS!!!!! 2 and a half months, ladies and gents, and I am convinced that they have sold Alfie into white slavery. I had to pay the rental car co for 70 days.... $1900! And the guy at Spectrum claims that the paint job "Wasn't up to our standards" so they have to keep Alfie ANOTHER week...or twelve!AAAUUGGHH! What a line of BS!

Eureka! Continues well, tho' I am convinced that someone is going to end up crying. Early mornings and strong personalities do not an ideal situation make.

Been doing yoga for 4 days straight in an effort to boost my lazy bottom back into shape... Happiness will make you fat. Well makes me fat anyway, T is slim and cute. Of course I'm partial... The campaign to get him into a pair of 501's is going very badly indeed. He refuses to have anything to do with jeans. The irony is he has a cute tushie that would be even cuter in denim, but *sigh* try getting a boomer to do something he doesn't want to. He is acquiring a nice retro hip wardrobe, thanks to me. He looks like a 50's era beatnik musician.

We went to see "The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler" at SCR last night (a nice perk of the job... All the free theatre you can eat) extremely entertaining, a little confusing, but very funny. And the lady who plays Mammy is one brave and powerful actress. Ultimately the play is written for theatre geeks. Can't see the bridge and tunnel types "getting" it.
The premise is, Hedda G wakes up after shooting herself in her play, and she lands in a limbo for famous and compelling characters. Dismayed to find that she can't die the way she desperately wants to, she goes looking for her creator to change the outcome of her life. And Jesus is in it as is Jar Jar Binks and Little Orphan Annie. It's one big theatre in joke.

We went to Habana afterward and ate piles of garlicky Paella and drank Sangria, and had a nice date night. Being poor as mice, we don't go out to eat too often,so Habana was a treat. In fact, and I know this is unbelievable to my close pals, I've become a pretty good cook. Honest! I made homemade spaghetti sauce, the other night and my repetoire includes Arroz con Pollo and Chops. Hard to believe, I know, coming from Take Out girl!


demondoll said...

'Scuse me, I just fell off mah chair. You're cooking? ;)
Hurray for you! I try a little kitchen duty meself,now and again...

demondoll said...

BTW I like your pic- cutie!