Monday, January 23, 2006

Sam Maloof day

T and I, accompanied Paul Darrow and Miriam Shelton to a groundbreaking for the artist Sam Maloof. Very swanky, lovely and refined sort of party. Sam had In and Out Burgers and Dilly Bars for everyone. Fun to watch the hoi polloi balancing greasy burger treats on their arty laps. Paul and Mim are great artists in their own right. Actually the place was lousy with clever people. It was all classy and all, but it felt funny to be putting Sam in a museum, when he is such a lively funny unpretentious guy.

AND Imagine my delight to find Danny Oberbeck's band "Paddy Doyle's Boots" bekilted and playing outside. What a treat. The guys looked great. They had just decided to get Utilikilts and Doc martens as the new band uniform, so there were many lovely male knees on display. And to my great delight, a huge Santa Ana wind gusted up just as my pal Jim was playing a solo on his fiddle Hee hee! These guys truly rock. Miss them at your own peril!

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