Wednesday, April 26, 2006


1: I just bought a new bike! Hurrah, Sea Schwinn AKA 2 Wheels 1 Planet in Costa Mesa. Great guys, no hard sell, and I got new bike pankies for my popo, and the gave me 10% off for being on the AIDS/Ride

2: 6 more Eurekas! to go!

3: Karl Rove is a complete tool.

4: I love my new gym, except for the weirdly stressed out tech employees who hog the cardio machines. I hope they have a defibrulator close by, these guys look like they are about to pop a blood vessel.

5: I was in an episode of "The Unit" I finally got to watch the tape, and I'll be damned, I'm getting better on camera. Now I know how to tamp down the theatre "Bigness"

6: T does not listen to Rock and Roll (!)

7: I love 103.1 Indy and Steve Jones, and I LOVE loud punk rock.

8: Folks are being great about helping us out on the aids ride.

9: My mom sent me a great goodie box from Colombia.

10:Contained theirin was a program from a HUGE theatre festival in Bogota, looks amazing, experimental and challenging theatre.

11: I still miss my cats

12: I need a wee vacation.

13: My nephew is a genius.

Has anyone seen a commercial for the PT Cruiser recently?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rise up, oh the people.

I've been having an interesting experience doing Eureka! Since the illegal immigration issue has been heating up. Along with various other historical characters, I play Francisca Benicia Vallejo, The wife of General Vallejo, for whom the original capitol of California was named. In the scene where the young gold miner meets the Vallejos, the General talks about how California used to be a part of Mexico, and how Yankees took his land. I sing, as Benicia a corrido (translated into Spanish by my father, Emiro) about the loss and theft of the Mexican land by whites. Now in places like Santa Ana, Fontana, Long Beach, where there is a huge immigrant, even migrant population, the kids were always delighted that I spoke "Their" language, was dressed in Mexican garb and was very dignified and noble. But NOW, since all the Publicity, and the morning DJ's talking about the situation and exhorting their listeners to march, to rebel, to wear Mexican flags, etc, kids as young as kindergarten are cheering, clapping, whooping. They get really riled up. It's awesome and a little scary. BUT as a contrast in the richer areas like Laguna and Newport, a lot of the adults narrow their eyes at us, cross their arms, and when I say, "This once was OUR land..." The tension is so thick you could cut It with a cuchillo.
Odd, odd, odd.
I'm a legal immigrant, but still, I did emigrate to this country, I remember the pride I felt when I became a citizen and I take my responsibilities as a voter very seriously. More undocumented soldiers than ever are fighting as the Army of Juan, Hispanics are poised to be the majority soon, has this wakened the sleeping tigre?
The anger is so real. And I'm afraid that one misstep is going to cause riots and hate crimes to erupt.

Dona Benicia came from a long line of strong women. Her mother was one of the first woman winemakers in Sonoma County. At the age of 17, she traveled for four weeks by mule while pregnant to reach her husband, General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and was the mother of 16 children of which ten survived to adulthood.
After the founding of Benicia, named after her, she began to go by that name instead of Francisca and was thereafter known as Dona Benicia.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I crave kittens

Yes...I want a boxful of Kittens.
I miss my cats,
Need cats. Cats solve EVERYTHING. They are just so darn practical.
AND since my baby lust is not being fulfilled yet... WELL KITTENS FIT THE BILL!!!!!

Meow meow say MEOW!!!!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Damn Easter!!!!

Yes he's cute...isn't he?
Blah day... I couldn't sleep last night, was overwhelmed by nightmares, and had to wake up way to early to do that DAMN gold rush show.
Was mean all day, grouchy, obstreperous and unbearable.Mean to T, mean to M, mean to myself. Desperately missing feline company. Angrier that Johnny Rotten at a Pat Boone concert.
I was really looking forward to a new dance class tonight at my new gym, (side note: NOTHING is available in Laguna Beach unless one is prepared to pay through the nose. No gyms, no pedicure salons, no hairstylists, not even a cheap drugstore to buy a consoling lipstick)
ALAS. The canyon is closed and there is NO way out of town and towards my dance class that won't take me 45 min's out of my way. I KNOW I am acting spoiled and childish.... But geez. Plus a lady (with her baby) is going the wrong way down Temple Hills Drive and nearly pastes me with her SUV. The cops get snotty and tell me to TURN AROUND...
AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH! I am going to bed and pulling the covers over my head and not moving until the morn. I have to get up and do a show at 8:10am tomorrow for 8th graders (in one of the riches enclaves of the OC) knowing they will hate the show and queen mugs-a-lot (or me), then get in my car (Which needs new tires!!! AAAAAAH!) and DRIVE to FONTANA!!! For a 2 o'clock show! I am soooo damn over it!!!!!!!! 19 more shows! 10 days! OVER IT OVER IT OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!


how are you?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lord and Lady Loony

Poor T is wrestling with his taxes, while I sit here at my laptop, looking at Catalina and dying to go down to the beach... My patience is being tried... But only cause I get just one day off this week... Must CRAM it with fun!

Hey! Tiger and I are going to be featured in the local paper, asking for donations and looking (Hopefully) relaxed and groovy and windblown.

"Who us? We always bike in formalwear!"

(I just got an email from the editor of the paper telling me she is out of town till the 23rd... OOOO HHHHH OOO I hate to WAIT! I guess the universe has decided that I have to work on my impatience. BOTHER!)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Summer is here! (Temporarily)

T's Niece and her friend are here this weekend for their spring break from school, and in the style of teens everywhere all they want to do is hang out at the beach. T and I went with them yesterday, I got out early from work, and got crispier than a piece of chorizo.
Main beach was GLORIOUS! It was hot, uncrowded and as an added treat there was a pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf. T and I tried to swim with said cetaceans, but couldn't get too far as the water was 55*! Brother, I was raised in the bathtub-like waters of Colombia. I will NEVER get used to the bone chilly Pacific. It was rather awesome to realize, "Hey I live in the REAL real Laguna Beach!" Many pasty thighed tourists in evidence.
Alabama was fun... At least the mile square of it that I got to see... I spent about 36 hours there for a wedding. We saw snakes, water moccasin's, and ugly little buggers they are too. Saw Turtles, butterflies and BMX'ers in their native setting.
Just joined 24 hour fitness. Don't be shocked but what sealed the deal was their pole dancing class.... Yeah I KNOW!!!???!!
My friend Richard just made a trailer for a movie called "El Lobo" It's a mexican twist on the Wolfman and it sounds sooooo timely!
Any other Latino not going to work on MayDay? Si Se Puede!