Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Damn Easter!!!!

Yes he's cute...isn't he?
Blah day... I couldn't sleep last night, was overwhelmed by nightmares, and had to wake up way to early to do that DAMN gold rush show.
Was mean all day, grouchy, obstreperous and unbearable.Mean to T, mean to M, mean to myself. Desperately missing feline company. Angrier that Johnny Rotten at a Pat Boone concert.
I was really looking forward to a new dance class tonight at my new gym, (side note: NOTHING is available in Laguna Beach unless one is prepared to pay through the nose. No gyms, no pedicure salons, no hairstylists, not even a cheap drugstore to buy a consoling lipstick)
ALAS. The canyon is closed and there is NO way out of town and towards my dance class that won't take me 45 min's out of my way. I KNOW I am acting spoiled and childish.... But geez. Plus a lady (with her baby) is going the wrong way down Temple Hills Drive and nearly pastes me with her SUV. The cops get snotty and tell me to TURN AROUND...
AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH! I am going to bed and pulling the covers over my head and not moving until the morn. I have to get up and do a show at 8:10am tomorrow for 8th graders (in one of the riches enclaves of the OC) knowing they will hate the show and queen mugs-a-lot (or me), then get in my car (Which needs new tires!!! AAAAAAH!) and DRIVE to FONTANA!!! For a 2 o'clock show! I am soooo damn over it!!!!!!!! 19 more shows! 10 days! OVER IT OVER IT OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!


how are you?

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