Monday, April 10, 2006

Summer is here! (Temporarily)

T's Niece and her friend are here this weekend for their spring break from school, and in the style of teens everywhere all they want to do is hang out at the beach. T and I went with them yesterday, I got out early from work, and got crispier than a piece of chorizo.
Main beach was GLORIOUS! It was hot, uncrowded and as an added treat there was a pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf. T and I tried to swim with said cetaceans, but couldn't get too far as the water was 55*! Brother, I was raised in the bathtub-like waters of Colombia. I will NEVER get used to the bone chilly Pacific. It was rather awesome to realize, "Hey I live in the REAL real Laguna Beach!" Many pasty thighed tourists in evidence.
Alabama was fun... At least the mile square of it that I got to see... I spent about 36 hours there for a wedding. We saw snakes, water moccasin's, and ugly little buggers they are too. Saw Turtles, butterflies and BMX'ers in their native setting.
Just joined 24 hour fitness. Don't be shocked but what sealed the deal was their pole dancing class.... Yeah I KNOW!!!???!!
My friend Richard just made a trailer for a movie called "El Lobo" It's a mexican twist on the Wolfman and it sounds sooooo timely!
Any other Latino not going to work on MayDay? Si Se Puede!

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