Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What a girl wants...

Peace and a babymoon.
A ring for me and a matching one for him. And a gold ID bracelet for Tyke-let
Mailbox money like I just received. Thanks 20th Century Fox!
Rock and Roll maternity wear and cute preggy lingerie.
More yoga, less back pain.
A cat. A dear sweet moggy of my own to love and love me back.
Name inspirations that fit a half English, half Colombian, all American child.

T's going to be in "James and the Giant Peach"! I'm Miss Spider, he's the Earthworm. I'm dying to see what our brilliant costume designer has come up with. I'm going to play my arachnid like Julie Walters in "Educating Rita"...

Hilarious advice from beloved pal...

This is so adorable, helpful and funny! Click on the title to see...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Discovery Health Channel and me

Is it crazy that I have become obsessed with watching people giving birth on TV? Fat people, thin people, diabetic people, Models (not people) I am just fascinated. Like watching monster truck battles. Frankly, it looks just gross. Yeah, yeah, it's natural, it's beautiful, you get an adorable little creature at the end of it and sometimes you get jewelry.
My beef is not with the ACT of giving birth, it's the fact that all of these people allow CAMERAS to FILM them and their naughty bits and their bad hair and their chipped toe polish and their po' hubbies with the long hair , and they look so, so, so.... Undignified! So ungainly. So trashy. So unabashedly America in the 21st century.

Had a OB appt today with the esteemed Dr. Woody. (yes... I know) T and I listened to the baby's heartbeat, which is always ADORABLE! T was my champ and asked about my backaches and my various needs. My babydaddy has been fantastic. He's attentive without being smothery, he's funny when I need it, sweet when I need it and very protective. It makes me adore him so much it takes my breath away! (or else the baby is sitting on my lungs... dunno) I'm not supposed to blog about him, it makes him cranky. He's a very private fellow, but I think he deserves serious props for really stepping up to the plate. I am a very lucky girl. I have a great man, a great family, and a sunny outlook. (today) I hope it is always thus

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bibs and Bobs

This is the Tykes face. He looks like an alien out of Close Encounters, but the sonogram-ista assured me he was "cute"...

I was 2 months along on the AIDS ride, excuse me very much, but I rock!

I'm very plump of belly, so plump that the sweet, considerate father of my child serenades me with the song... "Tub-e-lina, dance, not so tiny thing, Tub-e-lina you're so very large, when you flit around the house you are a barge...." When he brings me my morning teaspoon of coffee.

Last night I worked my murder mystery where I play a Can Can dancer. I barely squeezed, with the help of many safety pins and a heap-o-discomfort, into my outfit. Then when I pick up my foot and hold it over my head, ballerina style, like I ALWAYS do, and did 2 weeks ago before anyone KNEW I was preggo., the entire cast freaked and I got scolded for trying to do too much. I feel about as sexy as Dick Cheney.

The prenatal yoga is a snoozer. A bunch of rolly polly ladies-who-lunch, chanting OM and rubbing their bellies does not a good yoga class make! I'm conceding to this pregnancy thing and not running, not doing cardio and taking Yoga 1, nice and easy and no cobras or tummy poses. To quote a pal, "isn't downward facing dog how you got into this mess in the first place?" I don't know what to make of this don't lie on your back thing. I'm comfy on my back!... Yes..ok That IS how I got into this mess....

And..oh.. the problem of what to wear! I have 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of jeans. I like Forever 21 for tops even if they are Christian crackerboxes. But the tops are way cute and princess waisted and over sized, just perfect for the pregnant unwed mother. It just cracks me up that they are purveyors of such SLUTTY clothing, but they still put their bible quote on the bottom of your bag. It's like In-and-Out burger is also constantly preaching from it's greasy food containers. How effective is french fry evangelizing anyway? Any hard data on people who lard up on burgers and then sing hallelujah? This is one weird country...

Anyhoo. I'm fat, I'm still stressed, we are trying to figure out where to live, and I only look cute in a bikini, cause that way at least you KNOW my delicate condition as opposed to just thinking, "gawd what a fatso!" And the tyke is learning to tap dance on my pancreas... Whee... isn't pregnancy fun!!!???!!!