Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What a girl wants...

Peace and a babymoon.
A ring for me and a matching one for him. And a gold ID bracelet for Tyke-let
Mailbox money like I just received. Thanks 20th Century Fox!
Rock and Roll maternity wear and cute preggy lingerie.
More yoga, less back pain.
A cat. A dear sweet moggy of my own to love and love me back.
Name inspirations that fit a half English, half Colombian, all American child.

T's going to be in "James and the Giant Peach"! I'm Miss Spider, he's the Earthworm. I'm dying to see what our brilliant costume designer has come up with. I'm going to play my arachnid like Julie Walters in "Educating Rita"...

1 comment:

demondoll said...

I love that you will be Miss Spider!!
No feline for you! Wait until Tyke is at least 6 months old, as you will have little energy for anything else... please for Kitty's sake, wait a bit.
Consuelo is a fabulous name for a baby of any race. Also Edgardo. Or Xavier. Unless you want much teasing from friends and fam, do not name your little one Tiburcio. Although great, no one understand origin is from River Tiber.

WGD says if you name child Jimmy or Dave, he will be the only one in class with that name! 3 Jupiters, no Johnnys.