Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold for LA is still cold....

Brrrrrr. the rain is falling the wind is blowing and I can't leave the house for fear of a baby-breakdown!
T, L and I went into Hollywood yesterday for auditions. We went to Sam French, Hollywood sheet music (an institution, which sadly is about to close) and the Farmers market. We got a VERY rare bit of sheet music and Brazilian food. Lilo got to ride the grove trolley and Tommy hugged a Salvation army colonel. I have new headshots I need to pick up at Argentum. Feels like I might be getting back in the game!
I MISS the game!
I miss LA.
I do, I miss LA.
Maybe we three can move to silverlake soon.....

Friday, December 05, 2008

1,2,3,4, can I have a little more?

I'm wound up from doing a holiday show for Killer and am up far too late considering how much I will be working tomorrow. Ah well.
Being a working actor during the holidays can be trying. People are not at their best at their office Holiday parties. They tend to get VERY drunk VERY fast, and a girl has to be swift of foot and of mind to get away from octopuses without offending them. Or to soothe the ruffled feathers of a lushly, drunken, should NOT be wearing so much make up ex-cheerleader, who takes offense if you make a joke about the way she looks. The really fun thing about being an improv comedian at these things, you can insult people to your hearts content and they just laugh. It used to drive Groucho crazy; he would throw a beautiful barb at some deserving idiot and they would come out flattered to be picked on by a comic master. He couldn't win for trying. I however enjoy being as rude to people as I can possibly be and get away with it. Ah the holy fools....
In other news: T and I survived Turkey day... There was some drama... but we survived intact. He's playing Jacob Marley at SCR again this year, and he rocks it A.P.U.
Lionel talks up a storm and is the cutest funniest kid I've ever met. His sitter at the gym keeps telling me how he likes to make her laugh... uh oh.... not an actor, please!