Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold for LA is still cold....

Brrrrrr. the rain is falling the wind is blowing and I can't leave the house for fear of a baby-breakdown!
T, L and I went into Hollywood yesterday for auditions. We went to Sam French, Hollywood sheet music (an institution, which sadly is about to close) and the Farmers market. We got a VERY rare bit of sheet music and Brazilian food. Lilo got to ride the grove trolley and Tommy hugged a Salvation army colonel. I have new headshots I need to pick up at Argentum. Feels like I might be getting back in the game!
I MISS the game!
I miss LA.
I do, I miss LA.
Maybe we three can move to silverlake soon.....

Friday, December 05, 2008

1,2,3,4, can I have a little more?

I'm wound up from doing a holiday show for Killer and am up far too late considering how much I will be working tomorrow. Ah well.
Being a working actor during the holidays can be trying. People are not at their best at their office Holiday parties. They tend to get VERY drunk VERY fast, and a girl has to be swift of foot and of mind to get away from octopuses without offending them. Or to soothe the ruffled feathers of a lushly, drunken, should NOT be wearing so much make up ex-cheerleader, who takes offense if you make a joke about the way she looks. The really fun thing about being an improv comedian at these things, you can insult people to your hearts content and they just laugh. It used to drive Groucho crazy; he would throw a beautiful barb at some deserving idiot and they would come out flattered to be picked on by a comic master. He couldn't win for trying. I however enjoy being as rude to people as I can possibly be and get away with it. Ah the holy fools....
In other news: T and I survived Turkey day... There was some drama... but we survived intact. He's playing Jacob Marley at SCR again this year, and he rocks it A.P.U.
Lionel talks up a storm and is the cutest funniest kid I've ever met. His sitter at the gym keeps telling me how he likes to make her laugh... uh oh.... not an actor, please!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It is 420pm. It is DARK already except for the golden time sun just lighting up the edge of the clouds on the bottom of the Horizon. I SHOULD be working on my script. I am allegedly writing a musical. I am faffing far more than I am actually writing. I will use ANY excuse not to write, including doing the laundry or the dishes, tasks I normally would put off as long as I could.
Instead of writing I set up the video Ipod to work with our ancient TV, I took out the recycling and I posted on Facebook.
I try to write while the baby is napping as I am worthless after he goes to bed for the night, but inspiration is NOT striking.
I would rather blog, than work on my script.
I'd rather fold shirts than work on my script.
I'd rather look out the window at the transients than work on my script.
is it the ADHD or just writers block?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some times I feel I've got to.. get away!

I'm sick as a dog, a disgusting bodily fluidy sick that cannot be controlled. So is the boy. I didn't know the MEANING of projectile vomiting until I witness Lilo come up with more STUFF than seems possible from a little body. I have to go rent a carpet cleaner. For real.. this is a super mess. And now Tommy has it and is feeling bad, bad, bad.
And this is after flu shots, mind.
On the plus side, I have been freed from the contract to Ballys prison gym. My previous gym was not only miles away but looked like it belonged in Sing-Sing. ICK. I'm a gym rat of LOOOONG standing, and I demand a certain level of, oh, cleanliness is a good place to start. My new 24 hour fitness is light, open and you don't have to make an appointment for childcare. No bellydancing, unfortunately, but I will try to find a place here in Long Beach once I get Lilo into a nice daycare situation. The fact that I'm not competing with Big Pussy for the equipment is a huge bonus. (No, shocked relatives, he was a character in the Sopranos, check the wiki)
I'm off to scrub my brain with the latest episode of ANTM. ciao.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A & A Towing, and Vons

Dear Vons on Broadway and Atlantic and A & A Towing on Cherry,
I knew that inevitably, my car would get towed one day. I have had a run of good luck and managed to go a YEAR without being towed. Yes, signs are posted, yes, I know better.
A and A Towing,Was there a twinge when you saw a baby seat and a stroller? Did you happen to feel just a tiny bit bad imagining how difficult it might be to get the car back with a toddler in tow? Do you feel at all guilty that aforementioned toddler woke up puking all over himself, and puked all over Momma on the bus, and did not deserve to be hauled away from his comfortable couch and Curious George? And really charging extra for a PARKING BRAKE that was on? C'mon.
Vons, I have spent thousands and thousands in your store, the $241 I spent getting Alfie out of hock, would have been in your pocket anyway. Is there some weird satisfaction in having a completely empty parking lot? And why do you charge for parking during "Events" yet refuse to take a monthly fee so my neighbors and I could have a safe well lit parking lot?There is no parking in Downtown Long Beach. This could be a win/win. I am so mad I plan to shop at Albertsons, even if it isn't in my front yard.
Sour Grapily,
your neighbor.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 8:14pm California Time

... Barck Obama has won! The buzz goes around my local Vons, where I've dashed in to get milk. "he's a godddamed muslim" says the fat guy behind me... but he's the only guy in the grocery store who isn't literaly dancing, smiling and singing.
You have a lot to live up to Mr. Prsident. Don't let us down.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Minnesota Memories Pt II

On Thursday we dawdle awake. It's weird not to be with Lilo, but I have to admit I enjoyed sleeping in for four days!
It is Opening night! We are put to work after a long Kaffeclatcsh on the porch, where we admired the lake views. We walk over to Gail's house laden with show related goodies for the cast party that night, Tiger Sundae fixings, gummy worms and buns for our Tendermaids. Yep, it's that kind of a party.
I am slicing the buns when E, the director walks in, she ignores me completely, and tells Joan, Gail and Tom that she is going home due to extreme exhaustion... did I mention this was opening night? Joan is floored. E cheerily walks out... on the show. There is now a damper on our party prep. We wonder what the problem is. She is a bit of a Jeckyll-y Hyde, as she is cheery and sweet to her cast, but a raving meanie to Joan. We decide she's either panicky or nuts.
We decide to go to lunch at the Elbow Room, i.e. Garrison Keillor's Chatterbox Cafe, then we stop at the Salvation Army for a treasure hunt. T and J run into a pair of fans of the show, one of whom turn's out to be Marion Ross' sister!
WE drop Joan off to get ready and T and I continue to go thrifting until he is felled by the overweening smell of scented candles.
We have a pre-show dinner at The Green Mill, with Tom B. We are terribly overdressed, but we hoist a cocktail and a cheer for opening.
"Tales of Two Counties" opened at The Marion Ross Performing Arts center October 16th 2008. The place is packed.
T has to give the pre show pep talk, extempore, since the director isn't there to do it.
The stories are all familiar to the audience members and there are a lot of nods and whispers and comments about the stories. The show is very site-specific, but the stories and the songs are universal..
Some of the singing is great, some is sincere. It works in the context of them being "Real" people. I find the staging a little silly, grown men and women making gestures that belong in a second grade recital. The director didn't trust the script to be compelling enough, which was a mistake, but luckily they mostly speak normally and that really works. And there is no first act blackout which leaves the audience in their seats not knowing that it's over.
T gets praised in a taciturn way, since no one is effusive in Albert Lea, but we eventually suss out that the crowd really liked it.
We retire to Gail's for celebratory ice cream Tiger Sundaes. (I don't know if I've mentioned the cold yet.)
Feels like a quiet success.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Minnesota Memories Pt 1

We left Wednesday, and landed in Minneapolis at 5pm. There was a slight annoyance at the Enterprise Rental Car counter as the sales girl informed us, the economy cars (Which I had reserved) were all gone, but we could get into a gas guzzling van for the same price or a smaller car for $6 a day more. Ick, bad customer service, especially since I had spent the better part of an afternoon looking for the best price on rental cars since NO ONE has a shuttle or bus to Albert Lea (!).
Stop on the way at Ellen's Cafe in Elko/New Market, wanting authentic food, and avoiding chains at all cost. The cafe was small and neat with a shrine to Elvis. T had fried chicken, I had fried fish. We both realized that our diet, which had to then been working splendidly for both of us would be put on hold for our Minnesota sojourn. There was one guy behind the counter and it turned out he was also the cook. There was a table full of regulars having "Taco Nite." and one of the guys kept filling our coffee cups, just to help the lone employee out.
We listened to the final Obama/McCain debate on our radio, my brother kept breaking in with "Tweets" about the debate, I felt a part of something big, looking at the moon over the plains, and living history.
We arrived at the theatre, "The Marion Ross Performing Arts Center." Which is a big name for a sweet but smallish theatre, around 9:30pm. We run into an older lady with a pearl accordion slung over her shoulder, who tells us that rehearsal has just let out, (the night before opening? So early??) and who turns out to be one of the members of the cast. She later buttonholes T, once she finds out he is the composer as says, "How many two octave songs ya got?" in a slightly irritated but affectionate manner. She solos on one of the hardest, prettiest songs in the show.
We meet Joan Graham, the writer and T's contact for the show and Tom B from Disney, California and a VERY fancy designer for such a small show. We meet the musical director, Gail and take a tour of the space. We are invited to Gail's for pie and ice cream, a super friendly gesture, considering everyone must be exhausted.
We drop our bags off in Joan's 100 Y.O house, a lakeside marvel with character and charm and stuffed to the brim with dolls! She also has three fluffy cats who are enthusiastic for our company.
We walk in the Bitter! Cold! to Gail's apartment which is in a converted woman's college, The two' T's Joan and myself, Gail and a cast member, Sarah (a VERY quirky N. Dakotan) eat loads of crustless pie. Turns out the director is there in the apartment but does not come out to say hello or eat. Apparently she keeps to herself A LOT. This will be important later.
We get back to Joan's, enjoy a nice chat, then sleep under 5 quilts in our sweaters and scarves. T dreams he is in a cave in. Bitter! Cold!, but we are very happy to be there and WILL eventually acclimate.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's been a quiet week in Albert Lea and Austin

I am so excited! We are heading to Minnesota! T's new musical, " A Tale of Two Counties" Opens there next week and we have been invited to go. T is doing a radio interview about the piece on Monday. I can't wait to visit the place after doing so much research. I am curious why no one bothered to mention the Spam Museum, but I guess once you have been immortalized by Monty Python, there's no use in trying to top it with a competing Spam song.
Did you know, on Hawaii they make Spam sushi? Funny how a place teeming with fresh fish and fruits would be so attracted to strange meats.
I am most interested to see how the actors interpret the songs. I must confess, I feel proprietary. I am after all, the muse, and as such feel I own a part of the piece. I kid, but I also feel so protective of T's work. Plus I KNOW how hard they are to sing. he writes really rangy music. No one better get wimpy on those high notes...
T is doing really well in the moving forward dept. Me not so much. I've been occupying my time being on a low carb diet and belly dancing. I can't believe that I have been eating meat and losing so much weight. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. T thinks I should take up belly dancing as a career, but I can't even respond to some random guy who says "hey, baby" without wanting to smack him upside the head. I hate being ogled. I do love to belly dance, tho'. Hard to feel homely when you are tinkling your coins.
We are teaching an acting class this saturday at the Newport Beach Main Library, 2pm. It's for kids, but everyone is welcome. I think we are going to do a lot of singing this week. Come by and say hi!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dorky Me Pt ii

In the spirit of confessing my true dorkitude..
As I reached for my Awapuhi leave in conditioner, I was reminded of one time in San Fransisco.
It was the eighties and I was a queen of big,big,biiiigg, hair. I was at a friends house and we were getting ready to protest the new Gap on Haight and Ashbury.(yes, protest, I knew some REAL Russian commies AND Grace Slick AND Wavy Gravy... so there.)
I reached for a can of Aqua Net, and put my blow dryer on full power.
Now I have a good pile of hair, I can make a bouffant in less time than it takes the average person to brush their teeth. And I was an expert at the Siouxie-Sioux hairstyle, but no matter how much ozone I destroyed spraying and blowing and teasing, My hair was as limp as last nights spaghetti strap dress...
I was really mad, then began to smell a queer disinfectant smell. Looking at my hand, I realized I had been spraying my hair with Lysol for the past 15 minutes. The overwhelming patchouli smell in the apartment had kept me from noticing this earlier.
With no time to wash it out I stuck on a beret, grabbed my bucket of fake blood and skulked from the bathroom.
I probably deserved it for using someone else's styling product.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A little something for the anti prop 8 crowd...

Written and directed by the inestimable Josefina Lopez, of "Real Women have Curves" fame, and starring yours truly, Minerva Vier and Fabrizio Imas.
Thats how I roll.... today....

Monday, September 15, 2008

German Styling= way less dosh in my bank account....

First, I hope everyone who was in the path of Ike &tc are OK.
Second CONGRATS! To T's Niece and the new wee one in the fam... Joy mixed with fear, but joy prevailed.

I have just spent an OBSCENE amount of money taking my Mini in for regular service. Beware the high performance engine! I also have to get the windshield replaced, because it cracked. I get to drive a BMW for a loaner vehicle. Whooppeeeeee....

T and I taught an acting class for the Newport Beach Library that was a success
Newspaper Article
completely exhausting, but there's a Bristol Farms right next door and T and I gorged on free overpriced treats! Including some superb soggy cheese that looked like penguin poop, but tasted sublime. I DID buy a soda, c'mon, I'm not a TOTAL mooch. (almost.)

I am in desperate need of some income, even just income potential. Boy it's hard to be a part of the "Economic Downturn". I am CRAVING one eensy TV/VO/Commercial job. Not to mention a job in the theatre. I can't type, I have no customer service skills, and I can't afford babysitting. Man am I in the soup! Luckily I'm in a good mood from doing yoga a couple of minutes ago, otherwise I'd be getting this keyboard soggy.

To add insult to injury, I'm trying to lose 15 stubborn, evil, sticky, jiggly pounds, while not eating carbs. This makes me sad as I love carbs. I've never tried this before. It kinda sucks.

Anyone with a line on a job for a useless broad let me know....xox

Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Dork pt 1

I ate rosin once.
I have played a LOT of parts that dance, and I BY NO MEANS consider myself a dancer. Very little training, but a lot of chutzpah. Some how I got away with Anita in WSS. Still don't know how. I play a lot of soubret, second bananas, funny girls and they ALL dance.
Anyway, I was doing Oklahoma, Ado Annie, dancing my heart out. The choreographer ( a nice lady, was personal assistant to Bette Midler, who I understand is a neat freak) comes in, I'm with the guy ( oh so gay, I only mention cause I knew and STILL had a crush on him, curse show-r-mones) playing Will. I think we are doing All or Nothing or something. She comes in excited with a paper sack of what looks like rock candy. She hands it to me and says "look!" I look, have no idea what it is and put a chunk in my mouth. The look on their two faces was enough to send me back to freshman year, when I, aping Scarlett O'Hara gargled with perfume, only to be roundly mocked by a lunkhead named Sal.
You can put the dork in fishnets but she'll still be a dork.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Credit Card Wallah?

I was just taking care of some fooferaw with my credit card, when I was transfered to their tech center. A charming voice with a lovely Indian dialect came on to help me and I was transported to a world of pink and blue silk, silver thread, slow cooked spices, cardamon. I felt a heat and a sway and a rhythm unlike ours. And I longed to be there in an entirely foreign land. He had to ask me three times what I needed.... I need to see Mumbai is what I should've said....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

O...What next?

I usually try to be cheerful and up on this blog, because who the heck wants to read downers from someone you know. But I must confess I am having a massive fight with my usually sunny disposition.
Life is hard. My career has been going nowhere, and I have to start earning money for myself and my little family. I have nothing on the horizon except my teaching gig, and I honestly don't know what to do. I get pretty panicky. I was even considering driving to Ranch Cucamonga to work so I could make my insurance, but that didn't work out.
I confess to being sad and lonely sometimes, considering our housing situation, but try as we might, there seems to be no solution.
Lionel is a darling boy, but he's been sick and it's been hard to go to work and leave him behind when he's not feeling well. Especially when work doesn't even pay for the babysitter.
I don't see many people outside of work and I miss having friends.
Poor pitiful Pearl. Believe me, I know I have it good compared to Millions of people on this planet. I own a little apartment. I have a generous good hearted man who loves me, who is being pulled hard in a zillion directions, but ALWAYS has time to rescue me when I need it. We have our charming little boy, who is mad about us and couldn't care less that we exist like sardines in a can. We have supportive families who do their best to help. Golly, I'm just putting it out to the universe... I could use some cheering up.
I am feelin' mighty low....

Friday, August 08, 2008


Well an eventful month here in Lake Whymehon? Our sweet little trio had a FABULOUS time at Pinecrest lake up in the Sierras. Lilo is a water baby extraordinaire! He was groovy with his Cross side of the family and made FAST friends with Hannah, Zoe and Dylan. (he's loved Eliza since practically he was born) We enjoyed the sand and the water and the fascinating Uncle RC. On our last day we went out in the little blue rowboat and he was adorable, dreamily pulling his hand in the water and asking his da-daa for more more more. (or "Buh! as he pronounces it)
We had to cut our trip short, as I started teaching conservatory for SCR. I really enjoy teaching, but I was so SICK this last week. I can't have been that much fun. I'm hoping to capture the kids final demo for YouTube.
It's very hot. My new, and working (miracle!) AC can hardly keep up with the heat. I sort of long for DDolls locale right about now. I think I'll threaten a family train visit.
Much affection to all of my peeps.
Hey. we rode an elephant too...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Drat! The Duck!

We lost Lionels' Duckie last week. Gone, lord only knows where. The Thomas Train set on Belmont shore? Nope. The Beach Trail? Nope. The gutter on Ocean ave? Nope, nope, and how would I have cleaned it anyway? Oh, it was a tragic night here at the Federal Building. So I do what any desperate mother would and.... got on ebay!
Voila! 3, count 'em, 3 of the exact duck!! Wow! What are the odds? I'm so grateful... hey wait a cotton filled minute... these people want $30 for this small Duck from Target. And... the other items they are selling? More Loveys! These people hoard Loveys and them sell 'em to desperate parents for ridiculous amounts of cash. Ick. As much as I resented the thought I went ahead and bought one. She arrived today and Lilo is blissed out.. Never underestimate the power of a baby's tears to make you part with your hard earned and rather scarce cash.
If that duck runs away again, I don't know what the duck I'll do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Minnesota and Me

I am so proud of the work I've done on T's Minnesota project. He sat me down the other day and made me sing the lyrics his collaborator had written. Like on "whose line is it anyway?", we just messed around and sang crazy country songs, the he shaped my improvised tunes into something ( I think!) pretty darn groovy.
I helped write the DooWop and a song called Picking Up the Pieces
They are VERY sloppy tracks, the lyrics aren't set and some of the recordings are pretty bad, but the writer of the piece is in Minnesota and needs to hear the tracks as soon as poss. So I learned how to do some rudimentary sound engineering. It's cool technology!
Sleep Till Noon Productions

Saturday, June 07, 2008


On a brighter note Imagine is getting rave reviews. We got critics pick in the Backstage West.
And nice articles in The Times and OC Register. Variety is coming too.... FUN!

Sears Suckage

Sears... what a lousy company. I cannot believe the trouble I have had trying to get the mess that is my so called "AC installation" fixed. First is the terror of having some guy cut a huge hole in my apartment wall. He proceeds to drop a steel plate 4 stories down, thank GOD no one got killed. Then he installs the AC, but doesn't tell me that I need a transformer and an electrician to plug in the 220 volt, he just says I'll need an adapter. OK so I bought the wrong one, but he installed it! He could've saved me a lot of trouble, if he had said...hey Lady, this won't plug into the wall. Then he leaves gooey spray foam ALL over my carpet, pieces of wood holding the AC "UP" (Alarming and so ghetto!) and there are gaps in the wall. At first he left it open to the sky, I thought ARE YOU HIGH? Then he gets in his truck, goes to the hardware store and gets some cheap ass spray foam to cover the gaps, but neglects to get the bottom. I can't wait for him to leave, the job sucks and he has told me it's the best he can do... when I find an unopened box of foam and some other things that he neglected to open or use, which might have saved him the trip to the store, since that is what is meant to insulate the AC.
Then EVERY day for a week I am on the phone with the minimum wagers at Sears trying to get someone to come out and fix this mess. I hate Sears, hate them. I will never buy another appliance from them. They hire irresponsible contractors. I still haven't gotten the issue fixed, and have increasingly fewer hopes that it will ever get resolved.
I guess I have to get a handyman (yeah, good luck) and get the thing repaired on my nickel. I wonder if I can sue, or complain to the BBB? AAAUUUGGGGHHH

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10 out of 12 #1

So I'm at my first 12 hour day of tech at the theatre. Getting punchy and tired, but still having fun....

me as a boy with Mickey

and as a girl with Tulla

an hour and a half to midnight...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

hehehehe ZOMBIES!

I'm an educator.

Long Beach Pride

It's pride time. It looks like a rainbow has vomited all over Long Beach. and there's a carnival at st anthonys which we can see out the window. It's very hot but OH so beautiful. Yay for pretty pride days.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leg O' Lammmmmmmmmmmb

My beloved T had his birthday this April 23. Lilo had cheerfully given him his special present a month earlier, when, he led daddy to his, "Shhhh this is a surprise we need to hide it from Papa place" so my T-lah had to be content with the white trashy gifts I procured from CVS Drugstore on the actual day. (The day was fraught anyhow as I was RUSHED to my doc, for a bit of...erm... girl bit trouble.... My bits were set to rights by the not-so-hot Dr. Darcy. Man I must've been inhaling post -partum fumes, the guy is NOWHERE near as hot as my fevered imagination had conjured him up. In fact he was jaw droopingly plain. Can anti-depressants make you insane? What a disappointment. Well, at least I don't have to wear makeup to the Gyn anymore.)
Once I got home we spent a pleasant afternoon, I toddled off to work wrangling cats, ie teaching acting to 9 Y.O's and when I got home we settled in for G and T's and the birthday boy made a SPECTACULAR and soon to be legendary Leg of Lamb, sweet carrots, mashed pots and asparagus dinner. Seems rum for the celebrant to also be the chef, but Oh such deliciosity. The Lamb was tender yet crusty and fragrant. It took me back to my days among the English and their unfairly maligned cooking. (I did lose 30 lbs in Oxford tho'....) The carrots were sweetly tender and popped in your mouth, the Pots were full of garlic and rosemary, and the asparagus were fresh. We topped it off with cake ala Miriam Shelton.... Oh such a delight. I hadn't eaten in two days, thanks to my oral fix-ation, but I tucked in with such gusto that I exhausted myself and fell asleep on the couch.... whoops...
Tig, you are my love and my L n M. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dental DAMN!

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie... I was in the dentists I mean chair for FOUR hours today. Long enought to watch Nacho Libre AND School of Rock(Love this modern dentistry, couldn't tell if it was the drill or Immigrants Song in my head). I haven't been able to eat anything out of fear of the pain. I Implore you my not-so-vast readership, floss and floss again! Now comes the pain of my wallet... and I confess, O beloved audience, I had a niggling wish to put some cash aside for small cosmetic procedures, like peels and facials... Not till I pay off Sweeney Tooth, I guess.
T and I have been spending a lot of time with his Dad, who's been in Hospital for a MONTH! Poor guy, he's got the will and the strength to take care of himself, now if only they would let him out of the hospital.
My own Pa has been in Colombia of late, while mum has been to Denver to tend to my just-about to POP sis. I was stuck here at the Long Beach (Po' Rainbow Trash) Grand Prix. The hooligans were loud and peed in front of my building ALL DAY LONG!!! The sights and smell were worse than a litterbox.
I start rehearsal the day Sunnys new baby is due. I will be glued to the cel-phone with only 1/4 of an ear to my harmonies. Ma sez Sunny is TIRED but lovely. I am rooting for her all the way.
T bought me a pagoda and an albino lobster. Pix to follow. Very Yatsulandia.
Craving Korean BBQ, but with no desire to chew,
your correspondent

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Craigslist Triumphs

I have been in my best managerial mode this past week. I had been scouring Craiglist for a while and found a $2500 full size 88 key digi-piano for T. The guy was moving to Paris and I got it for a whisper of what it's worth. I also outfitted T with a new (to him) laptop. Then I spent a lot of PMS time trying to get the damn thing to talk to the computer. Of course it WAS talking to the computer, I just didn't know what I was listening for, and there is nothing more hypnotic or frustrating than having a computer NOT do my bidding. Now all he needs is notation software. I'm pleased at my efforts.
I spent a long time after the baby was born panicked about everything. Now I feel like I am myself again, like the alien freak-o inhabiting my body has moved on to Mars and left me my own personality. Does that happen to everyone after childbirth? It was too weird to be looking at my behaviour an just not RECOGNIZING myself! Now I feel like I'm back in my usual wheeling and dealing and having FUN mode.
I'm going to be doing the last show of the season at SCR. I'm playing an imaginary Goth Princess. Gee, Is that too much of a stretch for me?
Go over to Yatsu's and read the fanciful latest post. I loved it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

S t o r a g e

I went and scoped out my old storage units today. Boy, am I going to have one HELLUVA garage sale! I've been listing things like mad on ebay already, trying to divest of everything I don't need or love. And now... gawd, I should just leave it there and let the storage people auction it to the highest bidder.

The cat bites my ankles whenever I change Lilo. He laughs hysterically and then pinches me in the belly fat. Why am getting the short end of the pain stick?

The weather has been unbelievable, with lots of Rollerblade and beach outings for Lilo and his RELUCTANT (I swear, even tho' I do love my beach time) stay at home mater. Pater is working his fingertips to the bone. He was commissioned to write a musical about Minnesota. So no Fargo jokes please! this is serious, dont'cha'kno.

At any rate I'm itching to work as much as possible, or to travel, or something. I saw an ad for Archaeologists wanted in Turkey and I was sorely tempted. Lilo is to big for a backpack and too small to carry a machete, so I guess I'll have to wait. Ladybug is having a wedding, and that will be a ball, Sister is having a baby, that will also be fun... but (whine) what ABOUT me? No, no not a wedding or a baby, but adventure of one kind or another.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


T has been getting the reviews of his career for "Red Herring". How the heck am I supposed to live with "a comedic master of amazing range"?! Very happily, I should think.

I've been teaching a lot, enjoying the sunshine a lot. Just got a kitty from the Long Beach rescue society. I named her Sachiko, cause she looks Japanese. She lets Lilo tug, pull and generally smother her with love, with nary a protest...yet. It's nice to have kitty-flesh around the house.
We met thanks to this gorgeous weather. I strapped my rollerblades on, put Lilo in the jogging stroller and sailed down the beach. Oh bliss!!! I had so much fun. Then we ended up in Belmont Shores so we went window shopping and lo and behold...Kitties. We just pulled up to look, but Sachi skillfully skittered into our hearts. It was like waiting for the baby to come, we had to buy a litter box, Iams food, a water dish.... oh wait, it's not at all like waiting for the baby, cause thats all we had to buy! Here "caseworker" (oy) came to evaluate us and drop off the cat. Couldn't wait for her to leave. Why are animal people so un-chill? Probably 'cause she only talks to cats and not people. Then we all hung out and the cat was insta family.... AH... Sachiko means child of bliss. I hope. I hope it's not a rude word, but you know the internet is so unreliable. Sadly my jogging stroller got a flat yesterday, so even tho it's 79* and sunny, there will be no skating until Monday when the bike shop next door opens.
The picture is Lionel helping me clean the house. I hope child labor doesn't catch up to me he doesn't have a work permit.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magic Time

There is no moment more magical to me than the "10 minutes, 10 minutes please" call before show time. Your hair is in painful pincurls, tucked under a too-tight wig, you've slathered on the make up with a trowel, you're trying to remember the notes you've been given and are figuring out how to incorporate them, while hoping you remember your new blocking and that you will make your quick change.... Absolute blissssssss...
I love my job.
Thanks to my mami for staying in my teeny little flat with Lilo for my 10 out of 12's tech week hell, I could relax and enjoy myself. This cast is so fun and funny and utterly profane and vulgar... Love em'. Previews went well, our director is a perfectionist and it shows, the show is flawless. The costumes are gorgeous, the set is gorgeous, the pig is hilarious and I am happier than a pig in s#$&

Thursday, January 31, 2008


What a nightmare week...
My tire blew on the freeway with the baby in the car.
Spent ALL morning at the Mini Cooper dealer replacing it.
And... is it rational to anyone to have a licensed day care provider, who has promised to watch your child for a month, to just up and move? MOVE? and You just found out TODAY? You couldn't give me a heads up earlier? Thanks for screwing me so thoroughly.
Leading to... a nervous break down, a fight, and serious depression and doubts about the rationality of one's day to day existence.
Anyhow, thank god for N. Lilo is safe and happy and that's the only thing that matters. The fact that I aged 20 years yesterday seems trifling.
On a less apocalyptic note Charlotte's Web is going well. I wish I loved ANYTHING else workwise as well as I love being an actor.
Teaching is good too, altho' I have one child who CONSTANTLY picks his nose and his bottom (at the same time) and yesterday pretended to pee on everyone. I also have lil' creepy Addams family kid, who found my keychain w/ it's pocket knife rather TOO intriguing. Yipes.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I should be cleaning the kitchen...

But... I feel a need to link to the outside world.
First off Happy Birthday Vahz-Don, may you get a magical non spilling bike and less dopey neighbors.
I miss you all. I'm not terribly good at making new friends, and I'm a wee bit on the lonely side...
Which is crazy because I just saw Shiny P yesterday, my beloved T made me steaks the night before and I'm crazily, busily getting ready to go into rehearsal for Charlotte's Web and trying to get my childcare issues solved and ready to go.
T is in "Red Herring" at the Laguna Playhouse, which is awesome, but which means I don't get to see much of him for the next 8 weeks. Hi-diddle-dee-dee.
I'm teaching acting to kidlets, which for me is an excuse to run around and have a lot of fun playing Kitty wants a Corner and Streets and Alleys. I'm also directing 2 Fractured Fairy Tales at Victoria School. Now I'm beginning to wonder how I even have TIME to be lonely!
Anyhow, things are fine, I've made a resolution to try and stay zen and centered.
Lilo is walking and says Truck, Daddy and Dog. I owe many people thank you cards for L's bday pressies. Yatsu the books were a great hit! Esp. the ABC Seuss.
As you can see I'm as unfocused as Mr Magoo right now.
Sad passing: My beloved puss Rosencrantz has died. Thank you D for making his parting as sweet as possible. He was the cat of my life and I am so sad that he's gone that I can't think about it. One needs cats, they are essential. I'd love to get one, but probably now is not the time, unless one waltzes into my life.