Tuesday, March 25, 2008

S t o r a g e

I went and scoped out my old storage units today. Boy, am I going to have one HELLUVA garage sale! I've been listing things like mad on ebay already, trying to divest of everything I don't need or love. And now... gawd, I should just leave it there and let the storage people auction it to the highest bidder.

The cat bites my ankles whenever I change Lilo. He laughs hysterically and then pinches me in the belly fat. Why am getting the short end of the pain stick?

The weather has been unbelievable, with lots of Rollerblade and beach outings for Lilo and his RELUCTANT (I swear, even tho' I do love my beach time) stay at home mater. Pater is working his fingertips to the bone. He was commissioned to write a musical about Minnesota. So no Fargo jokes please! this is serious, dont'cha'kno.

At any rate I'm itching to work as much as possible, or to travel, or something. I saw an ad for Archaeologists wanted in Turkey and I was sorely tempted. Lilo is to big for a backpack and too small to carry a machete, so I guess I'll have to wait. Ladybug is having a wedding, and that will be a ball, Sister is having a baby, that will also be fun... but (whine) what ABOUT me? No, no not a wedding or a baby, but adventure of one kind or another.


yatsu said...

Congrats on your sister's baby-to-be! Didja hear Max's son was born on Monday? He's lovely and long-limbed.
(And purging of stuff is wonderful ... must do it myself pronto.)

Anonymous said...

i can't believe how big he is now...wow...time really flys! xoxoxo