Sunday, March 09, 2008


T has been getting the reviews of his career for "Red Herring". How the heck am I supposed to live with "a comedic master of amazing range"?! Very happily, I should think.

I've been teaching a lot, enjoying the sunshine a lot. Just got a kitty from the Long Beach rescue society. I named her Sachiko, cause she looks Japanese. She lets Lilo tug, pull and generally smother her with love, with nary a protest...yet. It's nice to have kitty-flesh around the house.
We met thanks to this gorgeous weather. I strapped my rollerblades on, put Lilo in the jogging stroller and sailed down the beach. Oh bliss!!! I had so much fun. Then we ended up in Belmont Shores so we went window shopping and lo and behold...Kitties. We just pulled up to look, but Sachi skillfully skittered into our hearts. It was like waiting for the baby to come, we had to buy a litter box, Iams food, a water dish.... oh wait, it's not at all like waiting for the baby, cause thats all we had to buy! Here "caseworker" (oy) came to evaluate us and drop off the cat. Couldn't wait for her to leave. Why are animal people so un-chill? Probably 'cause she only talks to cats and not people. Then we all hung out and the cat was insta family.... AH... Sachiko means child of bliss. I hope. I hope it's not a rude word, but you know the internet is so unreliable. Sadly my jogging stroller got a flat yesterday, so even tho it's 79* and sunny, there will be no skating until Monday when the bike shop next door opens.
The picture is Lionel helping me clean the house. I hope child labor doesn't catch up to me he doesn't have a work permit.

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demondoll said...

Who is the kid, and what has he done with the baby?!

Mazel tov withthe new kittle! And congrats to T of the genius comedic abilities :-D