Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magic Time

There is no moment more magical to me than the "10 minutes, 10 minutes please" call before show time. Your hair is in painful pincurls, tucked under a too-tight wig, you've slathered on the make up with a trowel, you're trying to remember the notes you've been given and are figuring out how to incorporate them, while hoping you remember your new blocking and that you will make your quick change.... Absolute blissssssss...
I love my job.
Thanks to my mami for staying in my teeny little flat with Lilo for my 10 out of 12's tech week hell, I could relax and enjoy myself. This cast is so fun and funny and utterly profane and vulgar... Love em'. Previews went well, our director is a perfectionist and it shows, the show is flawless. The costumes are gorgeous, the set is gorgeous, the pig is hilarious and I am happier than a pig in s#$&


yatsu said...

Who are you? Charlotte, I hope! You have a perfect voice for her. Please advise.

demondoll said...

Tell us more!