Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Dork pt 1

I ate rosin once.
I have played a LOT of parts that dance, and I BY NO MEANS consider myself a dancer. Very little training, but a lot of chutzpah. Some how I got away with Anita in WSS. Still don't know how. I play a lot of soubret, second bananas, funny girls and they ALL dance.
Anyway, I was doing Oklahoma, Ado Annie, dancing my heart out. The choreographer ( a nice lady, was personal assistant to Bette Midler, who I understand is a neat freak) comes in, I'm with the guy ( oh so gay, I only mention cause I knew and STILL had a crush on him, curse show-r-mones) playing Will. I think we are doing All or Nothing or something. She comes in excited with a paper sack of what looks like rock candy. She hands it to me and says "look!" I look, have no idea what it is and put a chunk in my mouth. The look on their two faces was enough to send me back to freshman year, when I, aping Scarlett O'Hara gargled with perfume, only to be roundly mocked by a lunkhead named Sal.
You can put the dork in fishnets but she'll still be a dork.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Credit Card Wallah?

I was just taking care of some fooferaw with my credit card, when I was transfered to their tech center. A charming voice with a lovely Indian dialect came on to help me and I was transported to a world of pink and blue silk, silver thread, slow cooked spices, cardamon. I felt a heat and a sway and a rhythm unlike ours. And I longed to be there in an entirely foreign land. He had to ask me three times what I needed.... I need to see Mumbai is what I should've said....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

O...What next?

I usually try to be cheerful and up on this blog, because who the heck wants to read downers from someone you know. But I must confess I am having a massive fight with my usually sunny disposition.
Life is hard. My career has been going nowhere, and I have to start earning money for myself and my little family. I have nothing on the horizon except my teaching gig, and I honestly don't know what to do. I get pretty panicky. I was even considering driving to Ranch Cucamonga to work so I could make my insurance, but that didn't work out.
I confess to being sad and lonely sometimes, considering our housing situation, but try as we might, there seems to be no solution.
Lionel is a darling boy, but he's been sick and it's been hard to go to work and leave him behind when he's not feeling well. Especially when work doesn't even pay for the babysitter.
I don't see many people outside of work and I miss having friends.
Poor pitiful Pearl. Believe me, I know I have it good compared to Millions of people on this planet. I own a little apartment. I have a generous good hearted man who loves me, who is being pulled hard in a zillion directions, but ALWAYS has time to rescue me when I need it. We have our charming little boy, who is mad about us and couldn't care less that we exist like sardines in a can. We have supportive families who do their best to help. Golly, I'm just putting it out to the universe... I could use some cheering up.
I am feelin' mighty low....

Friday, August 08, 2008


Well an eventful month here in Lake Whymehon? Our sweet little trio had a FABULOUS time at Pinecrest lake up in the Sierras. Lilo is a water baby extraordinaire! He was groovy with his Cross side of the family and made FAST friends with Hannah, Zoe and Dylan. (he's loved Eliza since practically he was born) We enjoyed the sand and the water and the fascinating Uncle RC. On our last day we went out in the little blue rowboat and he was adorable, dreamily pulling his hand in the water and asking his da-daa for more more more. (or "Buh! as he pronounces it)
We had to cut our trip short, as I started teaching conservatory for SCR. I really enjoy teaching, but I was so SICK this last week. I can't have been that much fun. I'm hoping to capture the kids final demo for YouTube.
It's very hot. My new, and working (miracle!) AC can hardly keep up with the heat. I sort of long for DDolls locale right about now. I think I'll threaten a family train visit.
Much affection to all of my peeps.
Hey. we rode an elephant too...