Friday, August 08, 2008


Well an eventful month here in Lake Whymehon? Our sweet little trio had a FABULOUS time at Pinecrest lake up in the Sierras. Lilo is a water baby extraordinaire! He was groovy with his Cross side of the family and made FAST friends with Hannah, Zoe and Dylan. (he's loved Eliza since practically he was born) We enjoyed the sand and the water and the fascinating Uncle RC. On our last day we went out in the little blue rowboat and he was adorable, dreamily pulling his hand in the water and asking his da-daa for more more more. (or "Buh! as he pronounces it)
We had to cut our trip short, as I started teaching conservatory for SCR. I really enjoy teaching, but I was so SICK this last week. I can't have been that much fun. I'm hoping to capture the kids final demo for YouTube.
It's very hot. My new, and working (miracle!) AC can hardly keep up with the heat. I sort of long for DDolls locale right about now. I think I'll threaten a family train visit.
Much affection to all of my peeps.
Hey. we rode an elephant too...

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