Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Dork pt 1

I ate rosin once.
I have played a LOT of parts that dance, and I BY NO MEANS consider myself a dancer. Very little training, but a lot of chutzpah. Some how I got away with Anita in WSS. Still don't know how. I play a lot of soubret, second bananas, funny girls and they ALL dance.
Anyway, I was doing Oklahoma, Ado Annie, dancing my heart out. The choreographer ( a nice lady, was personal assistant to Bette Midler, who I understand is a neat freak) comes in, I'm with the guy ( oh so gay, I only mention cause I knew and STILL had a crush on him, curse show-r-mones) playing Will. I think we are doing All or Nothing or something. She comes in excited with a paper sack of what looks like rock candy. She hands it to me and says "look!" I look, have no idea what it is and put a chunk in my mouth. The look on their two faces was enough to send me back to freshman year, when I, aping Scarlett O'Hara gargled with perfume, only to be roundly mocked by a lunkhead named Sal.
You can put the dork in fishnets but she'll still be a dork.


demondoll said...

I'm only just catching up on your posts!

Ah, I am also a dorkus :-D
It makes life funnier (for the rest of the world)

Sarah T. said...

"you can put the dork in fishnets...."
god I love that.
you are so not a dork to me. but then I am a dork.