Monday, September 15, 2008

German Styling= way less dosh in my bank account....

First, I hope everyone who was in the path of Ike &tc are OK.
Second CONGRATS! To T's Niece and the new wee one in the fam... Joy mixed with fear, but joy prevailed.

I have just spent an OBSCENE amount of money taking my Mini in for regular service. Beware the high performance engine! I also have to get the windshield replaced, because it cracked. I get to drive a BMW for a loaner vehicle. Whooppeeeeee....

T and I taught an acting class for the Newport Beach Library that was a success
Newspaper Article
completely exhausting, but there's a Bristol Farms right next door and T and I gorged on free overpriced treats! Including some superb soggy cheese that looked like penguin poop, but tasted sublime. I DID buy a soda, c'mon, I'm not a TOTAL mooch. (almost.)

I am in desperate need of some income, even just income potential. Boy it's hard to be a part of the "Economic Downturn". I am CRAVING one eensy TV/VO/Commercial job. Not to mention a job in the theatre. I can't type, I have no customer service skills, and I can't afford babysitting. Man am I in the soup! Luckily I'm in a good mood from doing yoga a couple of minutes ago, otherwise I'd be getting this keyboard soggy.

To add insult to injury, I'm trying to lose 15 stubborn, evil, sticky, jiggly pounds, while not eating carbs. This makes me sad as I love carbs. I've never tried this before. It kinda sucks.

Anyone with a line on a job for a useless broad let me know....xox


demondoll said...

I'm thinking....
you're pretty stellar on the IT skills, would that tide you over between gigs?

yatsu said...

You are a wonderful teacher and great with los ninos. Get your credential and be a school teacher. You could be the fun drama/English/Spanish teacher that all the girls (and gay boys) want to be like. My two cents.