Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dental DAMN!

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie... I was in the dentists lair...er I mean chair for FOUR hours today. Long enought to watch Nacho Libre AND School of Rock(Love this modern dentistry, couldn't tell if it was the drill or Immigrants Song in my head). I haven't been able to eat anything out of fear of the pain. I Implore you my not-so-vast readership, floss and floss again! Now comes the pain of my wallet... and I confess, O beloved audience, I had a niggling wish to put some cash aside for small cosmetic procedures, like peels and facials... Not till I pay off Sweeney Tooth, I guess.
T and I have been spending a lot of time with his Dad, who's been in Hospital for a MONTH! Poor guy, he's got the will and the strength to take care of himself, now if only they would let him out of the hospital.
My own Pa has been in Colombia of late, while mum has been to Denver to tend to my just-about to POP sis. I was stuck here at the Long Beach (Po' Rainbow Trash) Grand Prix. The hooligans were loud and peed in front of my building ALL DAY LONG!!! The sights and smell were worse than a litterbox.
I start rehearsal the day Sunnys new baby is due. I will be glued to the cel-phone with only 1/4 of an ear to my harmonies. Ma sez Sunny is TIRED but lovely. I am rooting for her all the way.
T bought me a pagoda and an albino lobster. Pix to follow. Very Yatsulandia.
Craving Korean BBQ, but with no desire to chew,
your correspondent


Anonymous said...

How did I forget you live in LBC? Ya, I'm not a big fan of race weekend. The sounds. The stinks. Ugg. Not to mention all the parking spots pinched.

How ya doing? OK?

demondoll said...

Aw, poor tooth! I hope all is much better with your mouth-
Love, fervent flosser