Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Craigslist Triumphs

I have been in my best managerial mode this past week. I had been scouring Craiglist for a while and found a $2500 full size 88 key digi-piano for T. The guy was moving to Paris and I got it for a whisper of what it's worth. I also outfitted T with a new (to him) laptop. Then I spent a lot of PMS time trying to get the damn thing to talk to the computer. Of course it WAS talking to the computer, I just didn't know what I was listening for, and there is nothing more hypnotic or frustrating than having a computer NOT do my bidding. Now all he needs is notation software. I'm pleased at my efforts.
I spent a long time after the baby was born panicked about everything. Now I feel like I am myself again, like the alien freak-o inhabiting my body has moved on to Mars and left me my own personality. Does that happen to everyone after childbirth? It was too weird to be looking at my behaviour an just not RECOGNIZING myself! Now I feel like I'm back in my usual wheeling and dealing and having FUN mode.
I'm going to be doing the last show of the season at SCR. I'm playing an imaginary Goth Princess. Gee, Is that too much of a stretch for me?
Go over to Yatsu's and read the fanciful latest post. I loved it!

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demondoll said...

Hurray to felling like oneself again!

*I must admit I'm no longer sure what my old self was like. I think I'm there, but with much more grey hair.