Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It is 420pm. It is DARK already except for the golden time sun just lighting up the edge of the clouds on the bottom of the Horizon. I SHOULD be working on my script. I am allegedly writing a musical. I am faffing far more than I am actually writing. I will use ANY excuse not to write, including doing the laundry or the dishes, tasks I normally would put off as long as I could.
Instead of writing I set up the video Ipod to work with our ancient TV, I took out the recycling and I posted on Facebook.
I try to write while the baby is napping as I am worthless after he goes to bed for the night, but inspiration is NOT striking.
I would rather blog, than work on my script.
I'd rather fold shirts than work on my script.
I'd rather look out the window at the transients than work on my script.
is it the ADHD or just writers block?


spartacus said...

It's easy to be distracted. Writing is easiest when you are inspired. What's the musical about, how does it inspire you?
Or you can just slog thru it so you can finish and get back to putting laundry off...

Sarah T. said...

lord have mercy, I know the great writing-distraction game. I've found that writing even when I don't feel like it, will often lead me in to a state where suddenly I feel like it.
That, or back to the couch for a re run of The Love Boat...