Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's been a quiet week in Albert Lea and Austin

I am so excited! We are heading to Minnesota! T's new musical, " A Tale of Two Counties" Opens there next week and we have been invited to go. T is doing a radio interview about the piece on Monday. I can't wait to visit the place after doing so much research. I am curious why no one bothered to mention the Spam Museum, but I guess once you have been immortalized by Monty Python, there's no use in trying to top it with a competing Spam song.
Did you know, on Hawaii they make Spam sushi? Funny how a place teeming with fresh fish and fruits would be so attracted to strange meats.
I am most interested to see how the actors interpret the songs. I must confess, I feel proprietary. I am after all, the muse, and as such feel I own a part of the piece. I kid, but I also feel so protective of T's work. Plus I KNOW how hard they are to sing. he writes really rangy music. No one better get wimpy on those high notes...
T is doing really well in the moving forward dept. Me not so much. I've been occupying my time being on a low carb diet and belly dancing. I can't believe that I have been eating meat and losing so much weight. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. T thinks I should take up belly dancing as a career, but I can't even respond to some random guy who says "hey, baby" without wanting to smack him upside the head. I hate being ogled. I do love to belly dance, tho'. Hard to feel homely when you are tinkling your coins.
We are teaching an acting class this saturday at the Newport Beach Main Library, 2pm. It's for kids, but everyone is welcome. I think we are going to do a lot of singing this week. Come by and say hi!


demondoll said...

I've had Spam Musubi! I'm Pinay, so I'm well acquainted with the canned marvel.

Have a wonderful opening, and a safe and funfunfun trip!

yatsu said...

When can we see it in SoCal?