Wednesday, April 26, 2006


1: I just bought a new bike! Hurrah, Sea Schwinn AKA 2 Wheels 1 Planet in Costa Mesa. Great guys, no hard sell, and I got new bike pankies for my popo, and the gave me 10% off for being on the AIDS/Ride

2: 6 more Eurekas! to go!

3: Karl Rove is a complete tool.

4: I love my new gym, except for the weirdly stressed out tech employees who hog the cardio machines. I hope they have a defibrulator close by, these guys look like they are about to pop a blood vessel.

5: I was in an episode of "The Unit" I finally got to watch the tape, and I'll be damned, I'm getting better on camera. Now I know how to tamp down the theatre "Bigness"

6: T does not listen to Rock and Roll (!)

7: I love 103.1 Indy and Steve Jones, and I LOVE loud punk rock.

8: Folks are being great about helping us out on the aids ride.

9: My mom sent me a great goodie box from Colombia.

10:Contained theirin was a program from a HUGE theatre festival in Bogota, looks amazing, experimental and challenging theatre.

11: I still miss my cats

12: I need a wee vacation.

13: My nephew is a genius.

Has anyone seen a commercial for the PT Cruiser recently?

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