Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cabins and Cabinets

Well it's been a quiet few weeks in Laguna Beach, my new hometown. Having finished Eureka! I've been suffering from the usual "where is my next meal coming from?" Panic. Add that to the "I'm going to be on that torture device known as a bicycle for HOW may miles?" and "I need an apartment somewhere in LA" and "I never see my friends anymore" and "We are doing a cabaret WHEN?"...Sigh, I wake up sweating at 4 am a lot.
Last week we had a trip to IKEA which was a little bit like exploring the Congo. Schmuutt and Kuurgles and Haasbekke, where the hell is the thing called "chest of drawers!?" Had Swedish meatballs, bought a Kluumett and constructed it in 3 hours! Without killing each other! T and I agree that a speed round of build an IKEA project with your mate will REALLY prove compatibility. I tried giving T a rock and roll history lesson during our construction time, he listened politely but rather disinterestedly. We're up to Buddy Holly... I think I'd better sell my U2 tickets on eBay.
We also went up to Cuyamaca to do some cabin clean up and exploration. The Shelton family has 100 acres up near Julian, but most of it was devastated by fire 2 years ago. Went with his cousins, including the fabulous K who put us in her UN DVD. I got blown up by a landmine! (On film that is, no one panic....) Also the cabin got measured with an eye to fixing. I had a great time but I'm afraid I'm becoming the "I love you Dahling , but give me park avenue!" gal.... Nah that's not true, I just was feeling ishy, and I couldn't enjoy it to the FULLEST extent. T is salvaging pieces from the burnt down cabins and making a Louise Nevelson. The remaining cabin is cute and rustic and way DARK at night. I'm afraid I misbehaved a bit, as one weird noise in the middle of the night had me sitting bolt upright and hollering, which had T dying of laughter, because what I thought was a mountain lion... Was the front door opening.
T is grouchy. I gave him what I realize now is a TERRIBLE gift for his birthday, laser Teeth Whitening. He's had to go to the dentist twice now, once for the initial and once for the cleaning and he's got to go back again for the actual laser. The dentist is apparently very bossy and mean, but his teeth look great. However he's been a bear for HOURS after his appointments. Next year he's getting a book.
Our cabaret act is shaping up nicely. T is so good on the damn piano! It's intimidating. But I think we're going to sound pretty good.

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