Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AIDS Ride is a go!

WOW! We actually biked from laguna beach to San Juan Capistrano on Superbowl Sunday. The picture is in Dana Point where we stopped to look at the tall ship.

Boy oh boy.... padding your bottom is essential on these rideabouts. Yeouch. We both just wanted to sit in a tub of ice cold water. Course I had to go to REHEARSAL that night!!! Yipes and ouch. We are working hard to raise $5000. Hey! here's a place to donate!

Donate Here! Yep Just click here....

Here's a pixie of T and Me at The Laguna Playhouse benefit.

His Noel Coward act was a triumph. (Everyone asked us if he was playing Sir Noel next year in the musical version playing at the playhouse. I think a grass roots campaign should be started. He was charming.) We could be charming at YOUR next event! Our act is shaping up nicely. I'm really proud of what we are putting together. Now we need to get new bikes and super padded shorts.

Another bit of fun news: Alfie is back! He is cute as ever but missing his stickers where they replaced his tailgate. Now we've got to figure out how to put the bike rack on him and off we go.....

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Rachel said...

I'm so damn happy that you're so damn happy!