Friday, January 23, 2009


So here I am chomping thru a box of Sees candy. I got a gift certificate from Killer and Lilo and I bought a pound today. This is unfortunate as I have NO self control.
Spent today in the car. Obscenely early doc appt. for Lilo in Laguna, who is, of course, perfect. Then a so-called audition.( ie: a picture taking session) for which I drove 2 hours from Laguna to effin Woodland hills. I ended up having to spend 3 hours in the Westside pavilions so L could run around and have some fun because the traffic was FILTHY, because goddammit, it rained. hence the 1 lb box of choccys.
I'm thru the almonds and the marzipan now.
We saw Minskys at the Ahmanson this Wednesday, which was the first public performance. I liked it better than T did, but I can't really remember it at all now. It wasn't funny or sexy, really. Here's a hint: when you put a drop cloth down on the stage, you TELEGRAPH the pie throwing. And that kills the gag. Pies in the face are only funny if they are a surprise. And George Wendt sounds a bit drunk. And blonde ingenues are BOOOORRRIINNGG. And, oh boy semi naked girls! Didn't Fosse do that in the sixties AND he added drag? I hope the show tightens up before it attempts Broadway.
We also got fish and I didn't freeze the blood worms. Such a gooey thing to come home to!


Melissa said...

Oh honey! You are singing my song! I just bought MYSELF a pound of See's chocolate the other day. Let's see...I think it was 5 days AFTER I buckled down and re-joined weight watchers! LOL! I love that stuff! I miss you lady and I am so glad I get to keep up with you this way! Hugs!

Lulu said...

Could you please give me your email address? I just locked down my blog. Send it to Thanks!

Oh, and I LOVE SEE'S. You should be able to eat it whenever you effin' want, I say ;)

demondoll said...

Love See's-

I feel you on the traffic and having to search for play areas in cruddy weather. If the mall is just crazed (I seem to remember them being nuts) google local indoor playgrounds like Under The Sea. The Boy could spend hours in those poufy playgrounds :-)