Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning???!!!

It's a constant roundelay of cleaning here at the Fed. I vacuum, sweep, dust, avoid doing the dishes, pick up toys, socks, puddled pants, notice that there has been a spill, vacuum again, stare at the sink, clean the toilet, clean the fish tank, clean the litter box, count on my hands in astonishment: 12 being live in 500 square feet. It's like Calcutta, CA.
News of the Rialto: T is just closing 3penny Opera and has a few offers on the table which tie him up into a pretzel instead of filling him with earned self satisfaction. I just shot 2 industrials and a photo shoot and have a pilot audition tomorrow. Things are rolling. We have been looking at houses (short sales) with investment properties, and are getting ready to see how much the bank is willing to lend a pair of itinerant actors with perfect credit.
Lionel is teaching himself to read. I am amazed at how far he has gotten. I'm trying not to push him, but I do find it extremely cool. He talks a lot and is very interested in having conversations with us. He's very silly. Just today we did beat poetry with T on toy trumpet, me on words and L providing the soft shoe visual. What a hoot. I hope as he grows older he continues to be as goofy as we are and not despair at how immature his parents seem to be.
I am a lucky girl. My T continues to be adorable, sexy, sweet and hilarious, and L is a joy and hilarious as well. I should check my horoscope and see what's aligning for me...

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demondoll said...

What fun things headed your way!! So many balls- thank goodness you're a great juggler :-D