Monday, February 09, 2009

Darling Slayers

Attack Piano being arrested:

Worked like a Phonecian this week. Booked a SAG gig, for which I am extremely grateful. Maybe that'll be the start of a run of luck.
Saw Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre's version of, "Darling You Slay Me" By Tom Shelton and Alyssa Canaan. The actors were all under 20 and they were adorable. The costumes were sumptuous and the crowd had a great time. The fete was directed by Donna Inglima. Lots of gorgeous people dressed up in period gowns, raising money for a great youth theatre company.
Now on to my defense: Yes I did fall off the piano bench. Yes I had drunk mass quantities of champagne. But there was a raffle ticket on each glass for a DIAMOND and it was for a good cause. Yes I fell off said piano bench in the middle of the third and final act. Loudly. Into my dessert plate. BUT lest you think it was an embarrassing incident by a drunken lout. I was sitting next to Tom, who was playing for the kids and he was getting excited and he gave a long, tense, exhilarated piano run.... and KNOCKED me off that bench. It was humiliating, but frankly hilarious. If those kids had been a little stronger at improving it would've been a gift. I wish I coulda seen it! But nevertheless. I was pushed, I didn't jump.


demondoll said...

As long as it was only the dignity that got hurt!

Sarah T. said...

I wish I had been there to witness this!