Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mami, el negro esta rabioso!

Hey, a big shout out to Ronnie Reagan for deciding that the poor, runabout schnooks who have to work for meager, hard won tips, deserve to be taxed on 'em. He must've hated waiters, being a former "actor" and all. At least Fred Thompson can actually act, poor old bugger.
I've been tediously clack-clacking on the old laptop trying to get my taxes in on time. Turbotax is awesome. Tax code is stupidly unawesome. The self employed have to go through hoops only to be punished with paying taxes for SS twice. Why be a player hater?
In cuter news, Lilo is hooting like an owl. A BIG step up from the indignant shriek that means, "damn it mother, I am hungry" Sometimes that kid is so damn clever.... take yesterday for example T and I had auditions for the Laguna Playhouse, a theatre that is right down the street! Sadly the auditions were at the Colony in Burbank, or BFE (no offense WGD and DD)
So we have to take two separate cars (T has rehearsal for the Bataan Death March part deux) AND pack up Lilo cause we can't bloody well afford a babysitter. Lucky me gets to have the tyke in my car which means I get to use the carpool lane. T suffers.
We arrive at the audition location. I am DISCRETE about keeping the baby outside, hoping no one will notice I brought him, but BOOM, the artistic director and the casting director come outside and of course notice I have this baby, and he hasn't got a headshot and resume.
Well groovy little Lilo lights up at the casting gentleman and begins to flirt! Well done kiddo! Of course most people in our business have a horror of children, as do/did we, but Lilo was sunny and easygoing and very cool. Hopefully no one was put off by the huge quantity of drool dribbling down his chin.
Auditions go well (no we didn't get the parts... bother!) And we 3 go to the only Colombian restaurant in LA, Cafe Colombia where we have yummy lunch, and the lady who owns the place BEGS to be allowed to carry Lilo around. She proceeds to introduce him to all the patrons and the kitchen staff, sweetly allowing me to eat my empanadas uninterrupted. Hurrah for the baby mad Colombians!
The empanadas, by the way were SUPERB and I also recommend the Buñuelos and the pan de yucca.
I tried to explain to T about a song about El Negro Rabioso. It was pretty dirty, so I gave up giggling.
We left the meal with Guanabana milkshakes for the road... I LOVE that restaurant!

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demondoll said...

Hey, now! SuBurb-ank is where NBC and ABC are, and just down the road from WB... but you are right on the $ about Egypt, Burbank is just as hot:P
Of course they loved your charmer, who wouldn't fall under his spell???