Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dancin' in the Rain

I'm dancing in my little studio trying not to wake the baby or the neighbors, but DAMN I do love me some Rock and Roll in the rain. I don't have a TV and usually I don't miss it, but VH1 is doing the 7 ages of rock... I'm sure I've heard it all before but I wanted to hear the guy from Iron Maiden discuss "rising 6th's".
It's been a crazy busy time, for all of us I'm sure, but I do miss family and friends at this time of the year... Mostly to have someone to drink cheap red wine with and B and Moan about life and the universe.
I'm lonely, but I do love my little room... I hope I don't turn into some weird hermit woman who sends Lilo out for provisions....
But then.... aren't my boys sweet?

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