Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Merry Messy KweezNüs

"Is that Santa? Or an OC news copter?"

My lovely parents had a whirlwind of a visit for Lilo's 1st, and some early Xmas cheer. I put them both to work on Saturday helping me fix up the apartment. Bless 'em they must be pooped.
Lilo was the soul of charm on his natal day, not a tear or a fuss and no cake smashing either. And being stared at by a huge company of adults? A treat for my over-gregarious boy. Oy. Where does he get the energy?
Here's to you all my dears, may the next year be one that treats you well and soothes your soul. I'd love to send cards to you all, drop me a line with addy's and things.
And..... you-know-who: you are still my Cherry Pie.

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