Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr. Darcy or The Gorgeous Gyno

So I go to my Dr.'s office for a check up and a small procedure, Lilo in tow. I usually see good ol' Doctor W who is GREAT, but today I am scheduled to see the new partner.
Now, ladies, we ALL know that the Gyn part of the OB/Gyn is uncomfortable and embarrasing at best, but imagine my horror when, as I am lying on the exam table wearing nought but a kleenex sized piece of paper, in sweeps a vision out of Jane Austin's fevered imagination.
Six foot two, dark wavy hair in abundance, soulful eyes, and wearing a verrrry nice Burburry tie.
Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice is now about to... poke and probe me in ways I am NOT going to enjoy.
The horror.

Boy, I bet THAT office is gonna get an upswell of new clients.

See you on the moors Dr. D!


demondoll said...

Oh, my...
I remember being a little flustered around the prenatal specialist.
Oh, my...!

Lulu said...

Oh wow. I think I would have to change doctor's only because it would be too distracting and he would be taking my concentration away from priority #1 - my hoohah! ;)

BTW - I've tagged you for a fun little blogging exercise - promise! Details on my wee blog.

LolaDiana said...

From my sis:
Sean likes to tell the story of a family practice resident who was wearing a nice tie during a rotation thru gyn. Let's just say the tie went where man (or woman) has gone before ;-) Imagine dry cleaning that!